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Decides on B.O. appointments. The Ministry is semi-governmental

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    ΑποφασΙζει γι&alpha ; διορισμοyς Δ.Σ. Ημικρατικόν το &Upsilon ;πουργικò

    Today the appointments of members of the boards of directors of the Semi-State Organizations – For the first time the proposals come through the Advisory Council

    A few days left before the end of the term of the boards of directors of some of the Semi-State Organizations and therefore the Government is expected to decide their new composition.

    Today it is expected that the proposals of the Advisory Council will be put before the Council of Ministers for the new persons who are considered capable of staffing them .

    The Ministry is expected to approve the new composition of the councils and then – barring the unexpected – to announce them.

    It is worth noting that this is the first time > that the way of selecting the persons who will fill these positions is changing and will not be based on the recommendations of the parties to the President of the Republic.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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