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Decline in workers in the press and related professions in Cyprus – Eurostat data

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An increase of 9.1% was recorded in 2022 compared to 2017 in the number of people working as writers, journalists or professionals in other professions related to the use of language in the EU, while in Cyprus a decrease of 15.8% was recorded in the same period, according to data released by Eurostat, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day (May 3).

In particular, the number of EU level increased from approximately 816,800 in 2017 to 891,600 in 2022, while in Cyprus the number according to available data decreased from approximately 1900 in 2017 to 1600 in 2022.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that the relevant post by Eurostat was made on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the category to which the data refer covers a wide range of professions beyond journalism. More specifically, the “writers” subcategory covers everything from literary writers to people who write speeches, while the “language professionals” subcategory covers everything from translators to interpreters.

Therefore, although the recorded trends can give clues about the situation and the press, the available data cannot lead to specific conclusions.

The biggest A decrease in the number of people working as writers, journalists or professionals in other professions related to language use between 2017 and 2022 was recorded in Latvia (-35.6%), followed by Estonia (-34.3%) and Greece (-22.5%).

The largest increase over the same period was recorded in Lithuania (+166.0%), followed by Finland (+31.5%) and Hungary (+30.8%) with much smaller increases.

The countries with the largest share of workers in these sectors in 2022 were Germany (25.6% of all workers in these sectors in the EU), France (12 %) and Spain (9.1%). Accordingly, the lowest shares (below 0.5%) were recorded in Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia and Luxembourg.

Issuing companies

In terms of the number of businesses in the book and magazine publishing industry, or other publishing activities, in 2022, across the EU, there were around 80,000, having recorded an increase of 14.3% compared to 2021 (70,000 businesses).

The lowest numbers of businesses in this sector were recorded in Luxembourg (79), Cyprus (93) and Malta ( 105), while the most were recorded in France (23,469), Spain (5,981) and Germany (5,533).

The biggest increases at Member State level between 2021 and 2022 occurred in France (38.9%), Malta (14.1%) and Latvia (4.8%). The biggest decreases were in Luxembourg (-16.0%), Denmark (-9.0%) and Poland (-7.8%).

In Cyprus, during this period, businesses in this sector decreased from 94 to 93, which corresponds to a small decrease of 1.1%.

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