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DEDE participates in the general strike on Thursday

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Η ΔΕΔΕ συμμε&tau ;eχει στην πανεργατικor σταση εργ ασiας την Πéμπτη

The Guild of Doctoral Scientists for Teaching and Research (DEDE), in an extraordinary General Assembly held on Tuesday, decided, it says in a statement, as it urges its members to participate in the strike and take part at the local strike gatherings on Thursday, January 26, from 12:00 to 15:00, expressing the readiness of the workers to safeguard and defend ATA.

As stated in the announcement, for for any of its members to take part in the strike, they need to send an email to the Secretariat of the respective department and inform that they are on strike. Any of the members of DEDE who wants to strike, can contact the Syntechnia, he clarifies further.

He notes that A.T.A. is a direct tool to restore workers' incomes, in the face of ever-increasing precision and inflationary pressures.

He adds that the salaries of Specialist Scientists have remained stagnant for years, while at the same time inflation is rising and the cost of living becomes unbearable and states that it demands that the indexation be implemented for hourly workers as well.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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