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DEFA is a semi-governmental organization for the utilization of Cypriot natural gas

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The establishment of a semi-governmental organization under the name “Public Natural Gas Company” (DEFA) was decided at a recent meeting by the Council of Ministers in order to supply natural gas to the Republic, its distribution and transfer within the Republic and the development, operation and management of all necessary infrastructure for the exercise of its duties and the exercise of its responsibilities. In this direction, the day before yesterday, the bill aimed at the smooth succession of DEFA Ltd (private limited liability company) by DEFA was submitted to the Parliament for a vote. Essentially, with the transformation of DEFA from a private company that belongs 100% to the state into a semi-governmental organization, the Republic of Cyprus proceeds to the next stage, that is, the construction of gas transmission networks within Cyprus and specifically from Vasilikos to the Dhekelia power plant. Additionally, DEFA, by transforming itself into a semi-governmental organization, acquires expanded powers and duties, an annual budget as well as staff. PREMIUM the digital edition of the newspaper in PDF at the same time with its print run daily from 05:00 in the morning.

Source: politis.com.cy

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