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Defeat again, again unbeaten, again the national team at the bottom

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Defeat again, again unbeaten, again the national team at the bottom

Cyprus did not manage to close the cycle of the three games of September with a positive result.

Our national team lost 2-0 to Slovakia at the “Národný futbalový” stadium in Bratislava for the 6th game of the World Cup qualifiers, accepting a third consecutive defeat without scoring and remaining at the bottom of the 8th group.

Both home goals were scored in the second half, with former AEL player Ivan Schranz opening the scoring in the 54th minute and Koselnik scoring the final score in the 77th minute.

Our national team was lagging behind in another game, which although it seemed to enter the match well (we also had the first good opportunity), did not have a similar continuity and did not show much resistance to the Slovaks, who finished the match with 22 finals, against seven of Cyprus (none in the goal!) with Nikos Kostenoglou's team remaining in one goal after six games (worst attack of the qualifiers).

The continuation for our national team, which can only hope to avoid the last place and nothing more, will be given in October, with the home games against Croatia (8/10) and Malta (11/10), while Our last matches in the group will be in November, away with Russia (11/11) and Slovenia (14/11).

In the other games of the group for our group, Russia prevailed with 2-0 of Malta and Croatia with 3-0 of Slovenia, with the two teams continuing hand in hand at the top with 13 points each.

The rating of the group:

1. Croatia 13 (8-1)
2. Russia 13 (10-4)
3. Slovakia 9 (7-5)
4. Slovenia 7 (4-7)
5. Malta 4 (6-11)
6. Cyprus 4 (1-8)

The evolution of the struggle

End of race

93 ' Pitta shoots from outside the box.

92 ' Yellow card to Hansko.

89 ′ Change for Cyprus, the Russian in place of Abraham.

87 ό Long shot by Hambos, very inaccurate.

81 ' Shot by Susloff.

79 ′ Double change for the Slovaks, Suslov instead of Schranz and Strelets instead of Bozenik.

77 'GOAL, 2-0 Slovakia with Koselnik, who scored with an excellent shot from outside the area.

75 ′ Triple change for Cyprus: Hambos instead of Kastanos, Zachariou instead of Psalti and Pittas instead of Loizou.

66 ' Shot by Papoulis from a side position, misses.

64 ' Scriniar's header after a foul, out.

63 ' Yellow card to K. Sotiriou.

62 ' Schranz's shot, out

60 ′ Change for Cyprus, Papoulis replaces Elias.

59 ′ Substitution for Slovakia, Girka instead of Weiss.

54 'GOAL, 1-0 Slovakia with Schranz. With a close place at once after a cross by Hansko.

53 ' Long, strong shot by Kastanos, out.

47 ' Koselnik's header missed.

Second half

45 ′ Great opportunity for Slovakia with a header by Satka after a foul, just out.

43 ' Yellow card to Abraham.

41 ′ Long shot by N. Ioannou, without result

38 ιά Bozenik's head, over the crossbar.

34 ' Dangerous turn of Duda, Bozenik did not manage to push the ball into the net.

-In the last ten minutes, the Slovaks have increased their speed and are constantly circling our area.

29 ' Hamsik's shot just outside the area, blocked by Michael.

25 ' Shot by Duda, Psaltis countered.

16 ′ First chance for the hosts with a place by Hansko, Michael fell and collected.

-The ten minutes were completed, with the Slovaks holding the ball longer but not yet threatening Michael.

6 ′ For our national team, the first phase, with a shot by Tzionis from a side position after a pass by Elias, over the crossbar.

– The match has started. Good luck in our national team.

SLOVAKIA (Stefan Tarkovi)): Rodak, Kostselnik, Satka, Skrinjar, Hansko, Lobotka, Hamsik, Schranz (79 ′ Suslov), Duda, Weiss (59 ′ Girka), Bozenic (79

CYPRUS (Nikos Kostenoglou): Michael, Psaltis (75 ′ Zachariou), Katelaris, K. Sotiriou, N. Ioannou, Abraham (89 ′ Rousias), Artymatas, Kastanos (75 ′ Hampos), Tzionis, Loizou (75) M. Elias (60 ′ Papoulis)

YELLOW: Chantsko (92 ') / Abraham (43'), K. Sotiriou (63 ')

REFEREE : Aliyar Agayev (Azerbaijan)

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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