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Deloitte Academy Cyprus has an impact beyond borders

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Social offering to students in Kenya

Η Deloitte Academy Κύπρου Εχει αντΙκτυπο πΕρα απο τα σyνορα

Christina Themistokleous, Head of Deloitte Academy Cyprus, traveled to Nairobi, Kenya with the aim of volunteering to help students achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential.

During her stay there, she presented to students of the “Orthodox Teachers College Of Africa”, the Deloitte Academy seminar “The Art of Effective Communication”. Through the program students were trained with innovative practices aimed at encouraging them to have a growth mindset and a culture of creative curiosity, exploring unconventional ways of learning. The ultimate goal of the seminar is to help students cultivate further abilities, such as creativity and empathy. The seminar focused on the art of effective communication in the professional sphere and was designed to offer participants the opportunity to better understand the fundamentals of communication, explore how others perceive them, how to engage in meaningful activities that will broaden their horizons, through an alternative and fun way. The goal of this training was to help students improve their communication skills before they enter the workplace – life skills you're not born with but can learn.

Η Deloitte Academy Κύπρου Εχει αντΙκ&tau

Through the initiatives that form part of the WorldImpact strategy, Deloitte focuses on making a tangible impact on society's biggest challenges and creating a more sustainable and just world. Deloitte is committed to using its international presence and influence to create a more sustainable and just world for all, leading by example through its social responsibility and sustainability program WorldImpact. The WorldClass pillarspecifically aims to develop professional skills, improve educational outcomes, and expand educational opportunities for 100 million people worldwide by 2030. At Deloitte, we believe that a significant impact we can have is when our people use their skills and knowledge to to help others achieve their ambitions and reach their potential., We encourage our people to invest their time in supporting the community through volunteer work and donations.

This is what led Christina Themistokleous to Kenya. As he stated, “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to transfer our knowledge beyond our borders, through the work of the College.” The College of Teachers has been operating since 2003, offering Certificates of Education and Diplomas in Teacher Training in Preschool and Middle Child Development and Education, Guidance & Consulting, Educational Administration, IT, Accounting and others. The important role of the College today in education in Kenya is also demonstrated by the fact that its curricula have been recognized as the official state curricula for corresponding degrees in all colleges in the country. Its mission is to provide training, research and participation in the design of national educational policy, and it is recognized as a center of academic excellence in teaching, learning and research. With the aim of making a substantial contribution, especially to children, it creates the conditions and provides supplies and possibilities for a better future, giving young people opportunities for knowledge and education.

Η Deloitte Academy Κύπρου Εχει αν τiκτυπο πeρα απo τα σyνορα

“With this in mind, I also traveled to Kenya with the aim of imparting the knowledge of the Deloitte Academy to the students who dream of a better tomorrow. In the time I spent there I also learned a lot from everyone, especially the students and their thirst for learning, and let me go with the goal of teaching. Millions of people around the world do not have the opportunities to reach their full potential, and the solution that can turn things around is investing in education and skills. This is the basis for more opportunities and progress, creating a better future for all”, concluded Ms. Themistocles.

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