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Delusion by the priest's lawyer: “It has become fashionable to report rapes”

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The new case of child sexual abuse, starring a clergyman, has shocked public opinion.

Statements that provoke the common feeling were given on the show “Smile again” by the lawyer of the priest who allegedly raped a minor, according to her complaint to the authorities.

Inside a church in Kato Patisia, the minor girl testified in the hands of the 37-year-old priest of the church, father of three children.

The 16-year-old schoolgirl was confronted with the sick actions of her grandfather, who took advantage of her innocence and went so far as to rape her inside the Holy Temple of Agios Dimitrios.

In fact, the priest asked the 13-year-old girl for obscene photos. According to her testimony, the 37-year-old isolated her from the other children immediately after the catechism in his office.

“Rape allegations have become fashionable”

“In order for there to be rape legally, there must be two elements: the forensic examination and in addition to the physical threat to her integrity, she must have the threat of her life to be extradited to have intercourse with the priest. “There is no document, no photographic material that constitutes a contact with the priest”, he said, emphasizing that there are no documents and evidence to prove the crime of rape “, said initially the lawyer of the priest, Andreas Theodoropoulos.

“If there are no documents and evidence to prove the crime of rape.”

Mr. Theodoropoulos even said characteristically that the complaint is about fashion after the complaint of Sofia Bekatorou and all the other complaints that followed after her.

“We have the following paradox: We have a complaint and no evidence, no message. There is no evidence that he sent her a photo of his genitals. Why didn't he keep giving this information to the investigator to prove that the priest is a monster? The priest denies the allegations because there is no evidence. What if there is no evidence not to accuse and condemn a man? It has become fashionable to report rapes! “When girls are under psychological pressure, they should report it immediately, not wait three, four or five years,” he said.

“He is innocent, everything is a lie”

The priest's wife claims that the 37-year-old is innocent and that what the minor complains is a lie.

“She is innocent. He has done nothing. “Everything he claims is a lie and will be proven,” he said, adding that the lawsuit against him was made because they had an issue with them, when the priest's wife was forced to leave work due to her pregnancy. The woman claims that the minor's aunt put her at work and considers that by leaving she was taken as an insult.

The priest's wife denies that girls entered their house or that her husband paid them.

“He is innocent and I will say it to the end. “During the period that the girl says, from December 2019 until May 2020, the catechisms were closed”, he said.

“Horror what the minor experienced”

The lawyer of the minor, Gianna Panagopoulou, expressed her sadness for what was heard about the fashion of reporting rape.

“As a lawyer, as a scientist and as a woman, I'm saddened to hear that rape allegations are fashionable. “I will not refer to the case file, because with only one word can be described what the girl experienced: Horror”, he stated.

She does not know if there are other victims of the priest, however she appealed for other girls to open their mouths and speak to the authorities.

“It strikes me that I deny the allegations, but it does not explain what motivates this young girl. “There was a methodical behavior on the part of the priest, he took advantage of the minor and the mystery of the confession and approached her in a fraudulent way”, he said characteristically.

Source: politis.com.cy

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