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Demand for mortgages is rising due to subsidies

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Demand for mortgages is rising due to subsidies

Moving to bank branches and disbursing part of the liquid stocks are created by young couples who want to secure a mortgage loan and take advantage of the government measure for an interest rate subsidy of up to € 300,000. Banking circles pointed out to “F” that the demand for mortgages is at satisfactory levels, as more and more couples or individuals want to take advantage of the home purchase plan.

Young couples want to have their own home and banks are stepping up their product promotion in this direction. They are trying to gain market share through mortgages aimed at young people and are in the productive age of 30 years and over. For banks it is a new generation of customers who have no debts and can invest in a long-term relationship with them.


Criteria and sponsorships for new housing projects – Detailed Incentives for Entrepreneurship and Housing Policy

However, as we have been told, the interest is not only focused on the apartment market, but also on the housing market, with young couples giving a boost to the real estate market. There are also cases where couples apply for the subsidy plan for home renovation, mainly of the paternal home. Especially at a time when the demand for real estate from foreigners is limited, the interest of domestic customers stimulates the construction sector, not only in terms of building new homes but also the sale of several unoccupied apartments. Banks have every reason to be satisfied with the demand for mortgages at a time when excess liquidity has exceeded € 15 billion. and construction of a first home.


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