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Deposit products with yields of up to 4% from the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd

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Καταθετικπ 4% ; Εθνικor Τραπεζα της Ελλαδος (Κyπρ&omicron ;υ) Λτδ

Whatever your savings needs are, the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) offers the right solutions today. Taking into account the current market conditions, through its new deposit products it offers individuals and businesses flexibility and one of the highest returns on the Cypriot market today.

Specifically, it offers forward products of 6-month, 9-month and 12-month duration with the interest rate reaching up to 3.25% for 12 months. Fixed income options with different durations are offered, depending on your investment profile. At the same time, there is the possibility of automatic renewal at the end of the term and automatic transfer of the capitalized interest of the account, to a first demand account of your choice.


In addition, to serve the modern needs of depositors, the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) also presented the new term deposit product of “ETHNOPLUS GOLD” for new deposits with an increasing/scalable interest rate per quarter, up to 4%, with a duration of 18 months , with a minimum deposit amount of €50,000 and with quarterly returns.

The average annualized yield for “ETHOPLUS GOLD” amounts to 2.67%, with the possibility of obtaining a regular income by paying at the end of every 3 months the interest obtained for each quarter in an account of your choice at the Bank, without any other conditions . There is also a 100% capital guarantee in case of early withdrawal.

For more information regarding the products you can contact the Bank's local Branches or the service phone +357 22040000 or our e-mail address www.nbg. com.cy

Terms and Conditions Apply

The above range of deposit products of the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd is covered under the terms of the relevant legislation by the Deposit Guarantee and Consolidation System of Credit and Other Institutions (SEK). This protection is not unlimited and may amount up to €100,000 per depositor per credit institution. For more information: Central Bank of Cyprus – Deposit Guarantee System and Consolidation of Credit and Other Institutions

The National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd reserves the right to reject an application and/or customer relationship at its absolute discretion discretion, for Legislative and/or Regulatory and/or other reasons and to withdraw or modify any design and/or product at any time.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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