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Deputy Culture: The review of CYPRUS should be accompanied by a radical redesign

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The review of the CYPRUS Program should be accompanied by a radical redesign of its vision, goals, structures and actions, so that they respond to the modern cultural needs of Cypriot society but also to international developments in culture and cultural management and development, he said in its clarifying announcement on Wednesday the Deputy Ministry of Culture for the sponsorship program of the CYPRUS Arts Festival.

As mentioned, the Special Committee for CYPRUS evaluated the proposals, in accordance with the objectives and criteria of the Program, and submitted reasoned recommendations for the eligibility of the proposals, their approval or rejection, as well as for the amount of the grant to be granted to selected proposals to the Director of the TPS, who validates the minutes of the Committee which are then submitted to the General Director of the Deputy Ministry.

It is noted that the CYPRUS Festival is an evolution of the “Cultural September” event, which aimed to offer the Cypriot public cultural events of a high artistic level, while this event was institutionalized by a decision of the Council of Ministers as the “CYPRIA International Festival” in 1992, with the organizers of Cultural Services, hosting in its program both Cypriot and international productions of a large scope.

It is reported that the artistic program was drawn up by an Advisory Committee (chaired by the Director of Cultural Services), while the financial management of the festival was assigned to a sponsoring economic entity under private law following a tender.

It is noted that in December 2022, the newly established Deputy Ministry of Culture, announced the transformation of the institution into a CYPRUS Arts Festival Sponsorship Program, emphasizing that in this way an important gap in the sponsorship policy of the Deputy Ministry of Culture in relation to the financing of independent festivals will be covered.

The purpose of the new program, as stated, which was decided to operate as a pilot for the years 2023 and 2024, was to modernize the festival scene of Cyprus by supporting existing and new arts festivals.< /p>

It is reported that the program has been warmly received by cultural bodies, the world of arts and the general public.

“A full and thorough evaluation, however, of the program and the degree to which its objectives have been achieved will be carried out now that its two pilot years of operation have been completed with clear flexibility for any changes or improvements due to its pilot nature,” it noted.

Furthermore, it is underlined that first contacts with agencies and organized groups in the form of investigation have already been made and targeted meetings and consultation are planned before the Deputy Ministry proceeds with changes to the terms of the program and/or its own objectives. 

Therefore, the announcement continues, the review of the institution should be accompanied by a radical redesign of its vision, objectives, structures and actions, so that to respond to the modern cultural needs of Cypriot society but also to international developments in culture and cultural management and development.

In its announcement, the Deputy Ministry also points out that CYPRUS is one of its many sponsorship tools to support music in Cyprus, without, however, music being the exclusive goal of CYPRUS. 

“Possibilities for significant support of classical music and any other kind of music also arise through other sponsored programs such as the Culture Program, Music Subcategory”, it is stated and it is added that the support of the Deputy Ministry to all types of music is unquestionable with classical music receiving a large share , due to the institutionalized and very important support of the Deputy Ministry with an amount of more than 3 million euros per year to the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

It is clarified that as with all sponsorship programs, so also with CYPRUS the purpose, the specific objectives, but also the conditions and the application evaluation process are described in the documents are posted on the website of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and constitute the terms of reference to the Special Committee that carries out the evaluation.

Finally, it is stated that “the Deputy Ministry wishes to thank the Special Committee Evaluation for its services during this pilot phase of the CYPRUS Arts Festival Sponsorship Program” noting that the evaluation was painstaking and time-consuming and the Committee worked responsibly and impartially.

Source: KYPE

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