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Deputy Tourism: Looking for 300 rooms for refugees from Ukraine

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The offers will be submitted by hotel and tourist accommodation owners until tomorrow

Υφ. ΤουρισμοΙ: ΑναζητεΙ 300 δ ωματια για πρόσφυγες από την Ουκ&rho ;ανiα

The Contracting Authority has determined the maximum acceptable unit prices, while offers with unit prices exceeding these prices will be rejected:

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism is in search of hotels and accommodations that will host displaced people from Ukraine, which has launched a new tender to ensure the required number of rooms. As stated in a relevant announcement, it is estimated that if the flow of displaced persons to the hotels continues, it is possible that on 1/6/2023 approximately 300 rooms will be required (which could not be secured through the previous contract process) and until the end of this tender process additional rooms will be required depending on the new flows.

However, the exact number of rooms that will be used in the end is not known in advance, it may be much higher if there are increased arrivals or much less if there are departures from the hotels and the Contracting Authority is not committed to hosting anyone number of people and by extension for the use of any number of rooms.

Offers from hotel and tourist accommodation owners can be submitted until tomorrow.

Maximum cost per night

The Contracting Authority has determined the maximum acceptable unit prices, while offers with unit prices that exceed these prices will be rejected:

Maximum Accepted Unit Price 1: €65.00 per room per day, excluding VAT, in case the room accommodates a person aged 18 and above.
Maximum Acceptable Price of Unit 2: € 95.00 per room per day, not including VAT, in the event that there will be two guests in the room aged 18 and over.

In the event that the same room will be occupied by child/s under 18 years, then the aforementioned Unit Prices will increase:

Acceptable Unit Price 3: A fixed price of €10.00 excluding VAT is set for each child over 2 to 12 years of age. Children up to 2 years old will be accommodated for free, while for each child over 12 years old the fixed price is €15.00 not including VAT.

Financing will be covered by national resources, while part of the costs are expected to be granted by the European Commission, as additional credits in the form of emergency aid.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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