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Derbara… no winner in “Pap”!

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With a terrific comeback by Nea Salamis, the Varosian team ended in a 4-4 draw

Ντερμπαρα… χωρΙς νικητ στο «Παπ»!

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In a satisfying match with eight goals, Anorthosis and Nea Salamina (4-4) shared one point at the end. Although Anorthosis took a 4-1 lead, Nea Salamina managed to equalize in the end and remained in first place in the standings.

Part A

The game started with the football players of both teams getting in quite a bit. It wasn't until the 6th minute that New Salamina was lucky to score with Dorekarai being the final receiver after a nice collaboration of the visiting players and beat Loria with a spot kick.

Anorthosis tried to respond but Mraz couldn't. to defeat the Magpie. What Mraz failed to do, Paroutis did as after an unstable header from the former, the midfielder of “Kyria” equalized from close range.

In the 23rd minute, the home team managed to turn the match around with Guerrero in the area making a deflected shot and beating the goalkeeper of New Salamina.

The next few minutes passed without any noteworthy phase. the game until the 43rd minute where Nea Salamina missed a double chance. First with Felipe making the shot from outside the area and Loria blocking and in the replay Thiago shooting but the ball going high.

The first half ended with Anorthosis leading 2-1.

B Part

The second half began with Anorthosis getting ahead of Nea Salamina. The hosts managed to score a third goal in the 58th minute with Mraz scoring after a pass from Minas Antoniou. Two minutes later after a fine individual effort by Paroutis that was tipped over by Mandzek with the referee showing the white arrow. Tehera took over the execution and hit the target, making it 4-1.

Where everything showed that Anorthosis would get a relatively easy victory, Nea Salamina counterattacked with Koumouris as the protagonist.

A few minutes after he entered the field, he reduced the score to 4-2 in the 74th minute and three minutes later he scored the third goal of his team, putting them back in the game.

The “red and white” in the remaining minutes were superior and pushed for an equaliser. In the 85th minute, Christofis counter-attacked and found himself in front of Kissas, but the goalkeeper of Nea Salamina saved.

In the 93rd minute, Nea Salamina managed to equalize with Florian from close range.

< p>So the two teams shared one point after a satisfying goal with a total of eight goals.


Anorthosis: Loria, Baisinho, Artimatas, Correa, Tejera, Ferreira, Guerrero, Paroutis, Antoniou, Correa, Mraz.

Papadopoulos, Keraynos, Antoniadis, Embralitze, Antonin, Waris, Kiko, Ninga, Ioannou M, Ioannou G, Argyrou, Christofi are on the bench.

New Salamina: Kissas, Malekkidis, Dadkovich, Miguelito, Tsiko, Mandzek , Carlitos, Doregarai, Leuko, Thiago, Felipe.

On the bench: Melissas, Adonis, Katsikas Koumouris, Klimovics, Fragos, Boteak, Nikolaou, Tolemes, Margasa, Ofori, Diakite.

< Scorer: 12′ Paroutis, 23′ Guerrero, 58′ Mraz, 61′ pen. Tehera/5′ Doregarai, 74′, 77′ Koumouris, 90′+3′ Tolmes

Yellows: Artimatas/Tsiko, Manzek

Referee: Christoforou Marios

VAR: Athanasiou Kyriakos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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