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Developments/Ilioupoli: He killed his mother and committed suicide – Traces of blood incriminate the 36-year-old

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Εξελλξεισ/Ηλ ιοψπολη: Σκότωσε τη μητΕρα του κα&iota αυτοκτoνησε – Τα ;χοποιοyν τον 36χρονο

The results of the examination of the carbine are awaited with the authorities gathering evidence from witnesses to solve the case of Ilioupoli

The developments in the thriller of the death of a mother and her son in Ilioupoli, who were found dead in an apartment on Wednesday night.

According to the new data, from the investigation of the Authorities, everything shows that it is a family tragedy as the 36-year-old is said to be the one who took the life of his mother with a gun and then turned it on himself and shot himself. Then, the carbine fell from his hands and he took a few steps and found himself in the room, where he was finally found dead.

In addition, testimonies speak of frequent and quite intense fights between the 63-year-old and her son , with police focusing on the possibility of crime.

'We heard what sounded like gunshots'

At the same time, residents of the area report that they had not seen the mother and her son since last Thursday, while they speak of loud noises on Friday from the woman's house, which sounded like gunshots.

Residents who spoke to Newsbomb.gr's camera from the surrounding area, they also speak of sounds that resembled gunshots, however, as they say, they could not be sure what it was, as very often similar sounds are heard, from Bengalis.

< p>“I only knew the grandmother (including the 63-year-old mother). We heard a bang, but we keep hearing it, we didn't know, it might have been fireworks,” said a woman who lives in the area.

Another witness who spoke to the camera of Newsbomb.gr said: “He was a gentleman of 35 to 40 years old. We saw him on the roof of the neighboring apartment building. He was with a backpack and was walking on the roof. My son-in-law heard some strange noises which he mistook for fireworks. We saw this man on Thursday at noon and we heard the sounds that sounded like gunshots on Thursday night.

How the tragedy unfolded< /strong>

The horror was revealed when a neighbor, on the evening of Wednesday April 10, called the police about a very unpleasant smell coming from the house, while a locksmith was also notified to open the apartment. When the police went inside they saw the hideous sight. The woman, dead, sitting in a chair and her son, who was on a bed in the bedroom, lying down, while in another room the carbine, which is suspected to be the crime weapon, was found.

The authorities found the back door of the house open and the house in disarray, with no sign of a break-in, however, or loss of objects from inside the apartment.

It should be noted that the father of the family had ended his life some time ago years, while the 63-year-old mother, who is unable to testify, lived on the ground floor. The woman, according to testimonies, was loved in the neighborhood, as she owned a convenience store, together with her husband who is no longer alive.

“We are all shocked, I only knew the grandmother,” says another resident of the area .

Now answers are expected only from the examination of the carbine but also from the testimonies available to the Homicide Department of the EL.AS. who has undertaken the investigation of the case.

ΕξελΙξεις/Ηλι&omicron ;yπολη: Σκότωσε τη μητΕρα του και α υτοκτoνησε – Τα οποιοyν τον 36χρονο

ΕξελΙξεις/Ηλι&omicron ;yπολη: Σκότωσε τη μητΕρα του και α υτοκτoνησε – Τα οποιοyν τον 36χρονο

ΕξελΙξεισ/Ηλι&omicron ;yπολη: Σκότωσε τη μητΕρα του και α υτοκτoνησε – Τα οποιοyν τον 36χρονο

Εξελ Ιξεις/Ηλιοyπολη: Σκoτωσε τη μητeρ α του και αυτοκτoνησε – Τα λχνη αλμ ατος ενοχοποιοyν τον 36χρονο

Photo report: Haris Gikas/Newsbomb.gr

source: Newsbomb.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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