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Difficult times for Dimitris Kokota: “There are complications with vision”

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Δσλς γιν Δμρ&eta Κοτα: «υπυνεποκσσ ν oραση»

What Matina Pagoni revealed

All the latest on the state of health of Dimitris Kokota,Matina Pagoni reported on the morning show of Giorgos Liagas.

On the occasion of three months since the stroke suffered by the popular singer, Matina Pagoni spoke on the show revealing all the latest regarding his health.

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< p>Specifically it stated: “The complications were there from the very beginning, both in terms of vision and the rest. That's why we said that he needs time to be able to recover. Things are not that easy, every organization needs its time and Mr. Kokotas wants his time. It is nothing new, I clarify. They are complications that we have from the beginning and they are being dealt with.

We believe that things will go well with the data we have in hand. Slowly and gradually. Each organism is separate and special. It doesn't mean that everyone reacts the same way. It doesn't mean that everyone has a certain time frame. The doctors are monitoring his course”. ul>

Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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