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Dimitra Matsouka: “I have been abused and brutalized by the media”

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In the great difficulty she faced professionally, after the series “Something is going on with them”, Dimitra Matsouka referred to a television interview she gave today.

More specifically, the actress spoke on the camera of the show “Eleni”, where, among other things, she revealed that she has been “abused by the media”.

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Initially, she talked about the comedy series, the fact that she identified with the role she had there, but also the difficulties she faced later in her work. Regarding this, he said: “In the beginning it was a bit difficult to do what I really wanted to do because I had identified with this great success. There were difficulties after that, I stayed home for two years to change it. “Very often I feel that in Greece, which is a small country, companies work and companies do well and work, just when you have not been in a company, things are a little more difficult.”

Then , Dimitra Matsouka said:

“I have suffered abuse and savagery from the media. That is, if there were beauties I would be crowned. But I'm still here, I'm fine, I have a job, my people are fine. I can only be grateful for everything else. “

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