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Dimitriou: “Averof's proposal for taxation of family income has a clear goal”

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<p>Regarding the proposal for tax reform, DISY's press representative, <strong>Dimitris Dimitriou,</strong></p>
<p>“The management of the economy cannot accommodate any experimentation and any backsliding. With the sacrifices of our fellow citizens and with the right policies that we have implemented until today, we managed to move our country forward. And our next steps will be equally targeted and beneficial for everyone”, he says.</p>
<p>The proposal of Averof Neophytos, he noted, for taxation of family income, “has a clear goal. To give to those of our fellow citizens who choose it, the possibility of taxing the family instead of the individual income. The result; More cash available in the family budget at the end of each year”.</p>
<p>“In this way the incomes of the middle class are strengthened. And combined with the measures to support our fellow citizens who need it, the goal of a dignified living for everyone will be achieved”, he adds.</p>
<p>Finally he said that “Averof Neofytou does not stop at words. Averof Neophytou can and does change society for the better by proving that as the next President of the Republic, he will lead the country and all of our fellow citizens to even better days”.</p>
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