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Dimitriou: “The cup is everyone's business” and ρισμα clarification in the Lennon-Berg comparison!

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The show “Total Green” hosted the spokesman of Omonia, Andreas Dimitriou, who referred to the cup match with AEL but also to the importance of the presence of the people.

His initial comment: “It is a fact that we controlled the game, throughout the period beyond the point where we conceded the goal as it took a few minutes to come back. We got tense, we tried to be aggressive, we scored conditions but the final choice was not the right one. I keep the mood of the team, to get some things out of the coach's philosophy. The qualifying case is transferred to the GSP and here I call on the people to give their presence. The cup is everyone's business. We must have the world.

For the Berg-Lennon comparison: “There is no comparison, you are not right and wrong. Omonia has passed to the next day and we must focus on it. Let's see the changes that Lennon will bring. It is his philosophy. He does not think that everything was wrong and he came to change it. This is how it works and tries to pass on their philosophy. As with all coaches. In order for Omonia to move forward, it will have to look ahead. It is not possible to compare the two coaches with the first goal we concede. We have to see the next day, that's what the big teams do. Let's mention him for the good years, but now Lennon is the coach. “

On his recent physical condition: ” The team has shown that it can run. He proved it yesterday “.

For the presence of the team in the second group: “Lennon told me that he was impressed by how dedicated the players were to the games and how much they wanted to win but it did not work out for them. It was one of the first conversations we had. “

About Loizou and the murmur around his face : “If they express themselves on Social Media, if they criticize young people… To think two or three times how they will express themselves and how this can affect either those who address them or the group. We all have a role to play. This is also a way to participate in team issues. As I live our young people, I did not find that their minds have been blown away. I have not found that they are not interested, that they do not work, that they are not respected. No one told the coach he would not do something he was told. They are dedicated to the team, they have not taken their minds off the air. Hubochan won the EURO, Gomez won the FA Cup, etc. They have players next to them who have succeeded and they know that in order to reach high, they still have a way to go. Do not be afraid, and I'm talking about some people talking on the radio, that if you tell a young person that he did something good, their minds will be blown away. No, say it. They need it. They won the championship and they are trying. The responsibility for the current season does not burden the young people. Let us remember when Omonia made a championship with young people from the academies. The demands are more, they have to compete with foreigners and community members in their team but also to treat them as opponents. The bar is higher. We are lucky because we have very good characters “.

For Ethniki and the non-call of Loizos: “Congratulations to Charalambos, it was worth the call. We can not but comment on Loizos not calling. Other than that… I have the impression that Kostenoglou's decision cannot be justified. I can not find football arguments. A federal coach to decide not to call him, means that he has better footballers than Loizos. Looking at the call, I do not think it has. You can not call a key footballer… because you think he is not in good condition. What happens elsewhere in the world? It's a big mistake what happened today with the call. I really say that. I can not understand why it happened. I can not believe that with his image Loizos, who ok was not so good, has no place in the National Team of Cyprus. If our federal coach believes… this is not the way to help a young person improve. Your job is to help him improve. It does not honor us that Loizou is not on the call. Like Cypriot football. Loizos has offered to all the national teams, they have spoken with the best words. And if it was not in good condition, what did we do? We decided to leave him out of calls. This is the thank you they said to this kid. Those who know him, know he is a stubborn child. He will continue strong. He will continue to win the place in the National again “.

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