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Dimitriou: “We are in favor of the movement of fans” – What he said about transfers

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 Δημητρiου: «Ε μσυεσκσσφ ιλωιειαμερ&phi ;ικà

The position of Omonia regarding the movement of fans was expressed by the press representative Andreas Dimitriou in his radio statements.

Among other things, however, he also spoke about the planning, the progress of the preparation, he expressed dissatisfaction with the tax obligations of the teams and the developments regarding the stadium.


PREPARATION:We are in the last days of the team's presence in Poland. The coaching staff is happy with the progress the team is showing training by training. As the coach characteristically mentioned, the competitive image in the friendly match against Maccabi was significantly improved and was a step forward for us, while he also pointed out some areas that he especially stood out in the first 60 minutes, such as the pressure from above exerted by the team, structure she had in her game, the way she developed, her blocking function, but also the fact that she made several final attempts and offensive actions. The coach also spoke about the fact that the team has not yet found its efficiency, something on which it is working. Of course we like and want to win, but at this stage of the preparation, so early, the result of the friendlies is the last thing that matters. Friendlies are very useful for both the coach and the players. We saw that in the first two friendlies, 22 players played in one and 21 in the other, which shows that the first requirement was for the players to get playing minutes and playing pace. The preparation program included almost every day double trainings, that is, the team was not preparing to play these friendlies, but the friendlies were part of the training and preparation. It is logical that as we get closer to the official obligations, the rhythms will be differentiated and adapted to the needs of the games.

– ATTENDANCE OF THE PRESIDENT IN POLAND:The President, Stavros Papastavrou, will closely watch our team's last friendly in Poland. He will be joined by the members of the Board of Directors, Nikolas Georgiadis and Michel Landas, who is the most recent member of the Management and we welcome him publicly.

COMPETITIVES: Loizou and Fabiano are training normally and with this data it is expected that they will be available for the friendly tomorrow.

SCHEDULE:Our post-registration plan continues on the basis of the initial planning and what Mr. Dabrauskas and Mr. Anastasiou had noted in the Press Conference we recently granted. Some additions will still be implemented. We advise our people to wait for the official announcements on this matter.

OMONOIA TV NEWS RELEASES:A very good option to inform our people in a timely and valid manner is the News Bulletins of OMONOIA TV, which are shown every day from ten in the morning and for every hour until seven in the afternoon. The news concerns both the football team and the other teams and sports, while through the Bulletins the official positions of the team on various issues will be presented. /u> Today is scheduled the first match between Torpedo Kutaisi and Tirana, a pair from which the team we will face in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League will emerge. The match will be watched from the field by a member of our team's Scouting department.

YOUNG FOOTBALL PLAYERS:As we saw in the first two friendly games, some young footballers from our Academy also got playing time, who are being evaluated so that the team can decide how it would be best to manage each one individually. OMONIA continues to maintain in its competitive philosophy the development and promotion of young footballers from its infrastructure departments and places special emphasis on the entire process required to realize this goal.

MOVE FANS:Our position on the issue of fan movement is clear and we have stated it on several occasions in the past. We are in favor of moving fans. The place for the fans is in the stadiums. The solution is not to punish the many for the sake of the few. The solution is to punish the real offenders. The government, the state and those individuals who have the responsibility of maintaining order and administering justice, should have the courage and fortitude to deal with those who deviate and those who operate against the laws of the state. They should be hunting, tracking down and punishing, not the right fans. With their actions and decisions, they must contribute to creating a sense of security for the fans who visit the stadiums. Those who violate the law and are a danger to the safety of the rest should be kept off the field, not the many because they cannot control the few. They should not resort to the easy solution for them, by banning thousands of proper fans from watching the sport and the team they love. There are examples of countries that have focused on punishing offenders and taking them off the pitches and the result has been very positive in the effort to combat violence. Let the authorities stop using isolated incidents of delinquency and violence to argue in favor of banning the movement of fans. What they need to do is focus on these individual incidents – whenever they occur – to identify and punish the real offenders. The citizens of this place should feel that there are laws that are enforced and that offenders do not get away with it but are punished. This will be, perhaps, the most decisive step to solve the problem of violence and delinquent behavior.

REGARDING THE TAX OBLIGATIONS OF GROUPS:A report was tabled in Parliament a few days ago regarding the tax debts of the groups, which lists the Unions with the greatest inconsistency in paying installments from April 2023 – and not from the previous Plans as the inconsistency in this case is against much bigger. According to this list, there are Associations that within one year not only did not reduce their tax debts, but also created new large debts. In this list and after the large sums of money owed by some Associations, OMONIA also entered with an alleged debt of 24,000 euros, an amount of money that is not a debt but current obligations that will be paid – as always – on time. We really cannot understand who it is who thought and why he thought, among the millions of debts of other Associations, to include OMONIA with alleged debts of 24 thousand euros. Was this the way they chose to manage a team that has consistently paid back both its old and current tax liabilities? In order for the world to understand what it means when we say that OMONOIA is consistent with its tax obligations, let us mention that over the last six years OMONOIA has consistently paid to the state an amount of money greater than 10 million euros in current and old tax obligations of income, social insurance, VAT, Social Security. The amount of money is huge and you can see the level of disparity between the groups that pay and those that don't and also what an advantage the law breakers get over the law enforcers. We said it last week, those who break the law instead of being punished get an advantage as they channel those millions into transfers and strengthening their team. This is exactly what OMONIA is asking for, the equal treatment of groups and respect for healthy competition. Teams should follow the same data. Unfortunately, we are getting to the point of asking for the obvious. We are monitoring this matter very carefully and will come back if necessary.

– DURATION TICKETS:Their mood continues. We are approaching 4000 season tickets and the rate is approximately at last year's levels, i.e. in the corresponding period last year approximately the same number was available. We remind you that the seats of last year's Season Ticket holders will be reserved until July 21 and from July 22 all seats of last year's holders that are not renewed will be made available to all of our people.

– FRIENDSHIP TICKETS THE AEK OF ATHENS:The sale of tickets has started today. The 2024-25 Season Ticket holders can buy until Sunday, while from Monday the availability will be free for the whole world. Ticket prices are reduced for Privilege card holders, with 15 euros in the central West seats and 10 euros in the rest of the stands for regular tickets, ten and five euros for student tickets and one euro for children's tickets. Tickets are available from the Green Boutiques in Papanikoli, Nissou and Limassol, through Online Ticketing, while they will also be available at the GSP ticket offices on the day of the match. More information is available on the official website.

– ABOUT THE FIELD:The President is planning an interview in July, through which he will provide information on the issue of the construction of OMONIA's privately owned stadium. We will give more details about the interview in the next few days.

– OMONOIA TV: OMONOIA TV has started its operation. We are excited and proud that the team has got its own 24-hour TV channel. The channel can offer great potential to the team and help grow the organization more broadly. With information and topics both for the football team and for the teams of the other sports. There is already enough material from the preparation and gradually archive material will be added, as well as new shows, while from September it will enter the full program. As a reminder, fans should request the activation of OMONOIA TV from Cyta or PrimeTel. The cost is €3.90 per month. There is also the offer of four months free for Privilege Card and/or 2024-25 Season Ticket holders, who should request activation of the offer from Cyta or PrimeTel.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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