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Dimitris Papadakis [EDEK]: “RIK is nobody's field” – Asks for explanations for the cutting of Efstathiou

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The European Parliament is leading the way in the freedom of expression of journalists and opposes any attempt to silence them, said Dimitris Papadakis, MEP of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.

As he stated in the KYPE, the EP has much more dynamic positions on the issue than any other institution “because we consider that the freedom of expression of journalists is a key component of the democratic operation”.

“Unfortunately, today in Cyprus, on this significant day, an attempt has been made to create obstacles and obstacles in the journalist's attempt to carry out his journalistic work,” he said, referring to RIK journalist Dino Finikaridis, saying that “he deserves a lot of congratulations for his attitude.” in relation to what happened “.

Mr. Papadakis continued, saying that” the RIK Council must give explanations to the Cypriot people and get the message that the state institution is nobody's field “in the effort to create an institution that will not represent the whole society and in which not all opinions will be heard.

He concluded that” these fascist methods should be the last ones applied to the Cyprus Radio Foundation. RIK belongs to the taxpayers and is accountable to them and to no other political factor “.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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