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Disagreements in “Gol kai Theama”, what Skapoullis says about the yellow Filiotis

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Disagreements were caused in the studio of RIK when Christakis Skapoullis analyzed in the show “Gol kai Theama” the second yellow card that Filiotis received in the Apollon derby with APOEL.

Expressing the opinion that the defender of the Limassol team deprived Natel with a foul of promising offensive energy being the last player, he provoked the reaction of the assistant coach of the blue and whites, George Eleftheriou, who strongly disagreed, noting that there was another defender who would prevent him. Natel.

“He had to go to the left, otherwise he would have to go inside him,” said Eleftheriou, while Skapoullis claimed that Apollo's other defender “would have to fly to catch him”.

It is worth noting that Skapoullis did not analyze the first yellow card when it was shown and went directly to the second, while when he was later pointed out that he did not say anything about the first, he stated that it was not a yellow card.

Read what Skapoullis said about Filiotis's second yellow card:

“Without the foul of the Apollon player, the APOEL player had a clear case of a serious offensive action. This effort of the player from the beginning was intended to deprive the player of the promised offensive energy. Without the violation of the Apollon player, where would the APOEL player go? Wouldn't he go straight to the opponent's goal? The other would have to fly to catch him. It was a clear attempt of the Apollon defender to deprive the APOEL player of a clear offensive energy and he was well dismissed “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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