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Disciplinary investigations into the “ice” due to Rhea

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Disciplinary investigations into the

The resignation of Rea Georgiou from the Authority of Public Supervision of the Auditing Profession has put cases on the ice but also creates a problem in their examination. The answers of the Public Supervisory Authority to the questions of the deputies of the parliamentary Committee on Finance reflect the problems.

According to the document submitted, to the question of the deputies “reference was made to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance last year for the referral of two auditors to a disciplinary process, what has happened and what are the developments”, the answer given highlights the problems. “At this stage, two Disciplinary cases are in progress which were referred to the Disciplinary Committee of ADEElep in January 2020 after quality assurance inspections of ADEElep in ODS, which as explained below will be re-examined by the Board, due to possible challenge to the decisions taken, as the appointment of the chairperson may suffer from the day of her appointment “.


The General Accountant resigned from ADEELEP Family case control at the Cypra slaughterhouse

Additionally, after the resignation of the president, the legal composition of the Board of Directors is noted. suffers because in cases of vacancy of the position of president no provision is provided in the law. Consequently, the BoD may not take any decisions until the appointment of a new President. The disciplinary measures should be put back on the Board. of ADEElep after the appointment of its new President for reconsideration when the BoD. will now be legally structured.

The question “what were the actions of ADEElep in relation to the case with the passports in relation to the possible responsibilities of statutory auditors” states that the Authority requested through a relevant letter dated 23/09/2020 the conclusion of the three-member Committee for naturalizations from its president, who replied that we had to ask for the conclusion from the Minister of Interior, as the competent minister. It is even noted that the naturalization report mainly concerned AML issues, which is defined as the supervisory authority of SELK, based on the legislation on the prevention and fight against money laundering.


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