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Discomfort over increases instead of decreases in essential products-Wait for e-kalathi

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Δυσφορλα για &tau ;ις αυξorσεις αντi τις μειoσεις σε βασικa προioντα-Στο περiμενε για το e-kalathi

Discomfort and concern prevails among the consumer world recently and especially after the submission of the reduced rate of consumption tax in certain categories, since it seems that three products which are among these categories, instead of reducing their prices, have increased , putting consumers' pockets on fire.

More specifically, the increases that have been mainly observed are in baby food, baby milk and diapers, for which it had been decided that there would be a zero VAT rate and thus, justifiably, consumers expected that these products would be cheaper today. On the contrary, the prices of the specific products recently showed an increased course, causing headaches for consumers.

Obviously troubled by the prevailing situation, the president of the Consumers' Association , Marios Drousiotis, speaking to REPORTER, said that, unfortunately, a large part of the products have increased their prices. “The increases following information we got, were imposed by the suppliers of these items, a few days before the reduction of the VAT. We've had over thirty complaints from consumers, mostly about increases imposed by suppliers.”

As Mr. Drousiotis explained, “the one who can check and say whether the suppliers justifiably increased their prices is the Consumer Protection Service, as our Association does not have the authority to go to the suppliers and tell them ask for the reason. The Consumer Protection Service, however, to this day, reports that the increases are justified, but for the consumer, this reduction in VAT did not bring a substantial result because the prices increased”.

Waiting for e-kalathi

At the same time, consumers are waiting for the implementation of the electronic shopping cart, with Mr. Drousiotis saying that any tool in the hands of the consumer that will help him make choices is welcome, however, he expressed the position that this tool does not will contribute to the reduction of inflation. He also said that the comparison that is being attempted should be made with similar products, only with the bar code of the products, also referring to research by the European Commission on double quality and specifically that there should be no differences in the quality of the same product produced in different factories such as soft drinks”.

The Bill on the e-cart he added, “was not accepted by the majority of the House, so the Ministry was asked to take it back, make substantial amendments and take it back to the House again. My assessment, based on what I heard in the Parliament, is that the changes requested of me cannot be made easily, unless the project that will be led anew will not be the same as the first, that is, it will have the same goals.

It is very difficult to satisfy the demands of the Parliament, Mr. Drousiotis estimates, but also the demands of the consumers, that is to say, there should be a price comparison, to know where to buy from. “The main demand of consumers for the e-shopping cart is to see the prices, to have a price comparison and to be told where the cheapest prices are and where I can find the cheapest shopping cart. That is, what was promised to us must be kept. However, the position of the consumers is that without the consent of the business world, we cannot do the electronic cart, as presented to us”.

source: Reporter

Source: 24h.com.cy

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