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“Distortion” the lawyers of the Attorney General say about a publication with an indictment of Odysseus

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    The Attorney General's lawyers speak of “distortion” of facts in a publication – “Aim to create false impressions”

    Distortion and falsification of the real facts characterize the lawyers of the General Attorney of the Republic, the publication of the newspaper “o Phileleftheros” dated 27/04/2024 entitled“This is the “indictment” against Odysseus – What the Attorney General testified to the Court”. “Justice now has the say” he says

    This refers to a written statement from the Law Offices of Kallis & Kallis DEPE and L. Papafilippou & DEPE Co., which represent the Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus in the context of the Application, pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, for the dismissal of the Auditor General of the Republic Odysseus F. Michaelides, due to improper conduct.

    As noted from the lawyers “the publication in question is an unprecedented distortion and falsification of the real facts with the aim of creating false impressions”.

    The publication of “F” speaks of 15 charges that include the “armoury”, as he mentions, of the Legal Service, for which the suspension of the Auditor General Odysseus Michaelides is requested.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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