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DISY – Communication exercises on paper: Why did Averoff request an election conference in June?

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A conversation that took place during the morning coffee, just before the meeting of the Politburo of DISY, may seem innocent, however, the thought behind it may hide some “secrets”. The president of DISY, Averof Neophytou, unofficially threw in the discussion the suggestion for holding an electoral conference the day after the ideological-political conference that will take place on June 17-18. During this conference, a big political fiesta and mobilization is expected, with the main guests being the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis and of course the President of the Republic who will address it.

About the elections >

The discussion of the proposal, apart from being ideological, for the congress to become an electoral one, lasted five to ten minutes and was rejected for substantive and communicative reasons, with the party president not insisting on his suggestion.

The reasons for the rejection, to start from the simple and go to the complex, were the following: At a time when all the other parties are running for the presidency, you can not run in internal party elections. That was the communication reason. And the essential: Instead of the party rallying, there was a risk that DISY would lead to introversion, since in the elections Averoff could have several anti-candidates. Averoff's proposal certainly did not aim to seize the position of DISY president in advance, regardless of the outcome of the presidential elections. In any case, the statute of DISY stipulates that in case the party claims presidential elections and loses them, then it goes to an electoral conference within 40 days. So, elections will be held, anyway, after the presidential ones regardless of the result. If the effort of DISY is not crowned with success, a congress will be convened, if it wins the elections, it will also take place, since its president will not be able to continue his party duties.

What thoughts did Averof Neophytou make while submitting his proposal? Were the reasons for his decision both substantial and communicative? In the foreground the leader of DISY, who likes to constantly shuffle the deck, wanted to make an effort to mobilize the alarm world and to close – at least for the next 10 months – any discussion – open or behind closed doors & # 8211 ; for succession of the president either in case of victory or in case of defeat? On the other hand, Averof Neophytou wanted to send the message to the alarmists that “we are in a pre-election period and the machines must work until the elections are held on June 17”, an alarm executive told “P”.

< p>The president of DISY wanted to give a new impetus to the party. To unite the party. To move things, from the moment the situation looks like it has been swamped. And in the back of his mind it is possible that he thought that he should “hold” the “dolphins” in the party. There are many who are waiting in the corner, either in case of a victorious course or the opposite: Haris Georgiadis, Nikos Tornaritis, Nikos Nouris, Giannis Karousos, Efthymios Diplaros, Konstantinos Petridis, Annita Dimitriou are ready to claim the presidency. p>

The real reason

The president of DISY was probably led to the submission of this proposal for another, deeper reason. He wanted to put in a difficult position, to expose once again, the former Foreign Minister of the DISY government, Nikos Christodoulidis, who would not go to the conference, when at the same time he declares that he is alarmed by his genuflections and continuation of Anastasiadis policy. Mr. Christodoulidis, as it is known, rejected in January a similar proposal of Averof Neophytos to go to the polls, stating that he is not interested in the presidency of DISY.

DISY, according to all information, will not proceed with the removal of the former Foreign Minister even when he announces his candidacy, something that is estimated to happen until May 20. “It will not be deleted from DISY. By itself he will put himself out of the party. We will leave him in the crisis of the alarming world “, executives told” P “, while the position that Mr. Christodoulidis will not be deleted was expressed in his public statements by the vice-president of DISY, Efthymios Diplaros.

DISY executives with whom “P” spoke acknowledge the difficulty of the project: “We know the objective difficulties, as well as the difficulty of claiming a third term. Averoff, as president of DISY, is called to go to the polls, lifting the weight and the normal wear and tear of a ten-year government, while Mr. Christodoulidis is trying to convince that he has no responsibility, at the time he was the main minister and government adviser. We are, however, focused, we have several months ahead of us to move our mechanisms and push our world. “

Recent poll

The findings A poll conducted recently and analyzed on behalf of DISY is interesting enough and can be read beyond the Alarm. According to our information, at the ages of 18-25, Averof Neophytou is widely accepted within his party. And this is attributed to the consolidation among the youth, of the student organization of DISY, Protoporia.

At the age of over 60, Averof Neophytou is also accepted by 90%. Where the percentages collected by Averof Neophytou are problematic are in the productive ages of 25-55, while the problem is bigger among women. Specifically, its voters are 70% men and only 30% women.

In general, this poll gives the president of DISY a percentage of around 15%, which in alarm numbers translates to close to 55% of the party's power. The penetration of Nikos Christodoulidis in DISY reaches 30%, while there are several undecided. These numbers satisfy Pindarou for the time being because “they show that the mechanism has started to move forward”, a source from DISY told us.

In Pindarou, they estimate that given the multi-fragmentation and the political liquidity that is observed, in the second round, the candidates who will gather and exceed 25% will pass. DISY is also optimistic that Averoff Neophytou will be in the second round.

The communication tactics

Averoff's staff and his communication team, based on the measurements and the interaction that its executives have with the world, it will gradually start to submit new proposals covering different categories of the population. “Based on the achievements of Anastasiadis's government, we will build and propose new policies, especially in terms of young people, women, but also the economy,” the alarmist told us.

The same At the moment, the communication team is also turning to Averof Neophytou's opponents, starting with Diplaros's statement, which was studied by Averoff's staff. The aim is to send the message that Averoff's opponents were former collaborators in the Anastasiadis government, with a clear reference mainly to former Minister Nikos Christodoulidis, but also to the negotiator Andreas Mavrogiannis, although the latter was never a member of the government.

Source: politis.com.cy

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