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DISY: Elections in the shadow of introversion

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In the wake of what took place in the last few days centered on the district of Paphos, Pindarou is setting up ballot boxes today for the internal party elections concerning the selection of candidates, where and where the interested parties are more than a.

The Pafos front scratched for good the wounds left by the pre-election period for the presidential elections, forcing the party leadership to talk about “moral perpetrators”. The climate in DISY at the moment is not ideal and the party's leadership is in a hurry to send messages of unity in view of the difficult election contest next June.

Of course, the letter of the former Paphos MP of the party Kostakis Konstantinou stands out from yesterday, who essentially responded positively to the leadership's call for unity by declaring full respect for party decisions and formally submitting his interest in running for the presidency of the Paphos District Council.

“I have respectfully submitted to the collective bodies of our party my interest in running for the Presidency of the Provincial Organization of Paphos Local Self-Government and I await the completion of the internal party procedures with faith and adherence to the decisions of the party bodies regarding the procedures,” he says in his letter addressed to the president of the party Annita Dimitriou.

“I am running for the anointing of the candidate of the Democratic Alarm because I believe that the newly established office of the president of the Provincial Local Government Organization needs an experienced politician, whom society can trust and accept, so that a solid foundation can be laid in its construction for the good of the city and district of Pafos”, he adds and notes concluding how: “as a member of the Democratic Alert and in a spirit of solidarity, I agree with all the collective decisions of the party and its choices. I am present in the great effort for unity and reconstruction away from the divisions and mistakes of the past. Leaving behind the bitterness, mistakes and disappointments and recognizing that members and executives are hurt and the party is lost, I will use all my strength for the victory of our party in the upcoming elections”.

The letter Kostakis Kostantinou came after yesterday's initiative group, mainly former DISY executives, who declared their support for the position of the member of the Lembas local committee, Marios Tselepou, who at the beginning of the week had sent a letter to the political office of the party.

In his letter he states that he is withdrawing his interest in the presidency of the Paphos District Committee, denouncing the attitude of the party leadership and the fact that they were giving the right to Kostakis Constantinou to claim the position.

He noted the fact that Kostakis Constantinou in the presidential elections supported the candidacy of Nikos Christodoulidis against the party's candidate, Averof Neophytou, from the first round. In fact, Tselepos in his letter, as well as in his previous radio statements, that Kostakis Constantinou continues today to support another candidate for the mayorship of Paphos and attends every appearance of President Christodoulidis in Paphos.

The president of the party Annita Dimitriou came forward and responded to the letter of the 17, both with her written statement on Thursday night and with her statements yesterday morning during the TV appearance on Alpha. He even left spikes for moral perpetrators and for some who cause the various crises in DISY.

It takes time, as he said, and patience, so that a period of calmness comes,
“Stop those who are submissively trying instead of benefiting or helping the situation, we know who is behind it, we know what is happening. But you realize that the world also knows very well”, he said.

It is perhaps the first time that Annita Dimitriou speaks openly about “moral perpetrators” and leaving tips to undermine the party's efforts.


In her written statement also on Thursday night, Annita Dimitriou noted how the previous leadership “chose to move in the logic of a new beginning which would ensure the unity and perspective of the faction. In this context, raising the issue at the present juncture is extremely problematic especially in view of the crucial election contests in June”.

He also pointed out that actions and behaviors that oppose the collective decisions of the party will not be tolerated again. “Those who aspire to claim positions and offices under the DISY flag must show full respect for all the faction's decisions”.

Decisions on Monday at the Politburo

On Monday afternoon, the Political Bureau of DISY will meet to validate the result of today's elections. Specifically, polls will be held for the position of the candidate for mayor of West Limassol where Nikos Spyrou and Aristos Aristidou will compete, for the position of deputy mayor of Limassol where Michalis Fellas and Savvas Stouppas will compete, for the position of vice mayor of Ypsona where Aleka Stylianou will compete and Marios Neophytou and for the position of deputy mayor of Larnaca as Akis Zanettos and Giorgos Lakkotrypis will compete.

Elections will also be held for the selection of municipal councilors in Trollous, Pervolia, Ypsona, Episkopi Limassol, Engomi and Aglantzia.

Voting will last from 9am. until 6 p.m. and the right to vote are all members of the Party who have the right to vote in the Municipal Elections for the Province, Municipality or Municipal District where General Assemblies will be held and who were registered in the Central Register of Members at least ninety (90) days before, i.e. until October 29, 2023 , and have settled their financial obligations to the Party (subscription) for the year 2024. Information about the polling stations is published on the party's website.

It is reminded that the matter of the municipality of Larnaca and the candidate supported by the party remains pending. During the session of the Politburo it is expected that a relevant decision will be made. A decision is also pending in the case of the municipality of Paralimni, where Giorgos Nicolettos, Kleanthis Koutsoftas, Panagiotis Kyzas and Loukas Polykarpou are interested in the candidate's position.

The AKEL Committee is meeting today< /p>

Decision time today for AKEL in relation to the ballot for the European elections. Although it is not certain that there will be an announcement of the party's six candidates today, the processes are in the final stage. Giorgos Georgiou, Niazi Kizilgiurek are expected to be the two, while Anna Theologu has many chances.

The session of the Plenary according to the announcement of the party will start at 9:45am and the opening speech of the Secretary General of K.E. of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanos will be open to the Mass Media.

The session will take place in the event hall of ETKA – PEO in Nicosia.

Source: www.philenews.com

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