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DISY in Government: Instead of irony, let's focus on the substance

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    “Instead of irony, let's finally focus on the essence and away from communication manipulations, let's realize the criticality and historicity of the moments”, among other things, DISY answers addressing the government

    Announcement following Annita's statements Dimitriou was issued by DISY in relation to the letter for which the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, was appointed. internet – The answer of PtB

    The announcement is the same:

    Half of our homeland remains under Turkish occupation for half a century. Stagnation creates daily fait accompli at the expense of our side and at the expense of our refugees.

    We welcomed Ms. Holgin's appointment as a positive development after almost 7 years of complete quagmire. Today, the big stake for our country is not to stop this effort and, instead of being led to substantive negotiations, to end up in complete disappointment and the finalization of the partition.

    Initiatives are needed, such as those suggested by the President of the Democratic Alarm. Which will negate the UN's questioning of our own honest intentions. These are initiatives that in no way affect our main negotiating lines. Instead of ironies, it is better for the government to stand on the substance of our proposals. We are ready to take responsibility, to stand up for our country, and to support additional initiatives that the PtD will decide.

    The letter of Mrs. Holgin and the drafts of the UN Secretary General's reports must to seriously trouble us. Unfortunately for our side, they keep exactly the same distance and directly challenge the will of our side as well. Unfortunately we are not convinced.

    These are the ones that force initiatives to be taken. At this critical juncture we cannot hide, we must speak clearly and transparently to the citizens. This is what Mrs. Dimitriou did, feeling the criticality of the moment for Cypriot Hellenism.

    The National Council prioritized information, the submission of questions, as was done by the President of DISY, and the answers of the PtD.< /p>

    Immediately after, Mrs. Dimitriou had stated that she would submit specific recommendations. Just like he did yesterday. The same was done last January after the appointment of Ms. Holgin and after the previous National Council.

    We are surprised that the government is concerned with the release or timing of the letter. He must primarily deal with the serious dangers facing our country and with the possibility that Turkey's rhetoric will spread to the international community that our own side is responsible for the lack of a solution or that the only solution is two states.

    Instead of commenting on developments after the fact and crying over ruins, it is better for everyone to position themselves as politicians and make their suggestions.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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