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Djokovic admits he went to an interview while knowing he was positive for the coronavirus

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Djokovic admits he went to an interview while knowing he was positive for the coronavirus

In an instagram post, Novak Djokovic referred to the events of December, talking about misinformation, while also talking about the mistake that his agent made about his travel statement before going to Australia.

Nole's statement in detail:

“I want to refer to the constant misinformation regarding my activities and my presence at events in December before the positive PCR test for COVID. This misinformation needs to be corrected, especially in the interest of the authorities and the community in Australia, and I need to talk about an issue that hurts my family. I want to emphasize that he tried very hard to ensure the protection of everyone after my result.

I was present at a basketball match in Belgrade on December 14th where I was later informed that a number of people tested positive for the coronavirus. Although I had no symptoms, I did a rapid test on December 16, which was negative, and due to increased attention I did a formal and approved PCR test the same day.

The next day I was at a tennis event where I gave prizes to children and even did a rapid test before the event and the result was negative. I was asymptomatic, feeling well and had not received any information about the positive PCR test until after the event.

The next day, on December 16, he was at a tennis court in Belgrade to fulfill an obligation I had long enough for an interview and photo shoot with the newspaper L'Equipe. I canceled all other events except this interview.

I felt compelled to proceed with the interview because I did not want to disappoint the journalist but I made sure to have a safe distance and wear a mask except at the time of the photo shoot. When I went home after the interview, I was isolated for a certain period of time and I realize that it was wrong in my judgment and I accept that I had to reschedule that obligation.

“My agent apologized for the mistake”

The issue of my travel statement has been reported by me and my team, as I told immigration officials upon my arrival, and my agent has apologized for the mistake made by ticking the wrong box. my previous trips before going to Australia. It was a human error and not intentional. We live in difficult times in the midst of a global pandemic and sometimes these mistakes happen.

Today my team provided additional information to the Australian Government to clarify the matter. Although I felt it was important to address the issue and clear up the misinformation, I will not comment further in respect of the Australian Government, the Authorities and the current proceedings. It has always been my honor to play in the Australian Open. It is an event that is loved by the players, the fans, the community not only in Victoria and Australia but all over the world and I just want to have the opportunity to compete with the best in the world, in front of some of the best fans in the world. ” .

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Posted by Novak Djokovic (@djokernole)

Source: in.gr

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