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“Doesn't KED know what Render did in Cyprus?”

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 «Δεν γνωρΙζε&iota ; η ΚΕΔ τι εκανε στην Κyπρο ο Ρéντερ »

On the occasion of the appointment of Mikel Render in the Panathinaikos-PAOK derby, a Greek publication recalls that in a recent match in Cyprus, the Danish referee caused many reactions with his decisions.

< p>This is the referee who whistled the 1-1 draw between AEK and Aris in the “Arena” on the 2nd matchday of the playoffs and with whom the Larnaca team had a fight after the match.

The article of monobala.gr emphasizes that the Dane has no experience of big games outside his homeland and then analyzes what happened in AEK-Aris and the reaction of the yellow-greens, wondering if the KED (Central Arbitration Committee) “does not know what he did in Cyprus Render”.

In detail what is mentioned…

The game in Cyprus that the referee of Panathinaikos – PAOK messed up

KED nominated Mikel Render from Denmark in the Panathinaikos – PAOK derby. The 30-year-old referee has no performances from matches that “burn” outside his home country.

He does not have the experience for such an important game as the one he is called to manage at the Alexandra Avenue stadium on Sunday (31/3, 18:00). After all, there is recent proof of this. A few days ago, specifically on March 4, he officiated the AEK Larnaca – Aris Limassol 1-1 game for the Cypriot championship. “

After the end of the first half, he left for the locker room and the home team's stand was “boiling” with anger and indignation. Render strongly disapproved. The reason was that he did not show a second yellow card to Musuda for a foul on Diemers. He should have left last year's champion with one less player and he didn't!

The home team issued a statement after the match, which read: “Mr Mikkel Redder don't think we've forgotten you. You have your responsibilities too. Messina brought you from Denmark to show what is happening and not what you want. You ignored Musuda's 2nd yellow card, while you had perfect visual contact of the phase. How do you give the foul and the card doesn't come out? Are you kidding us? Why are they bringing you to Cyprus then? You also have responsibilities and someone should point them out to you. We are not referees, but you don't need a degree for the basic regulations (see promising attack). And welcome back to Denmark.”

See the contested phase:

Why does KED bring the Danish referee?

These happened about two weeks ago in Cyprus. Not last year or earlier. Does KED not know about them? Even the coach of Aris Limassol changed Mussouda at half-time to avoid being expelled! Alexey Spilefksi was quick to prevent the worst, recognizing that Render had gifted his footballer with the incorrect application of the regulation!

Now do the simulation in the Panathinaikos – PAOK derby. No away player is sent off at the end of the first half and the game ends 1-1. Then there will be a celebration… “Then why are they bringing you to Cyprus?”, asked the leaders of AEK Larnaca. “Why are they bringing him to Greece?”, we add. Let's hope he doesn't make a similar mistake on Sunday at the home of Panathinaikos. At the expense of one or the other team.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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