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“Dominoes” of developments in the case of the disappearance of Angelos Perikleos

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The number of arrests increases, to six, and the case of the disappearance of Angelos Perikleos becomes even more complicated. The relationships and roles of the six suspects, as well as the new evidence that implicates them, in the SIGMA report.

In the last 24 hours, the Police handcuffed four other persons, including the mother, but also the uncle of the 24-year-old main suspect. The mother allegedly gave a false alibi about her son's whereabouts on the day of Pericles' disappearance. Meanwhile, the 24-year-old's Uncle was allegedly the person who burned the victim's vehicle at the Paliometochos shooting range.

In his statements, the Head of the TAE Limassol, Lefteris Kyriakou, stated that «The three persons were arrested for conspiracy to commit a felony, kidnapping with intent to murder and arson. And one person for complicity after the commission of the crimes. They are persons who collaborated with the 24-year-old to commit these crimes»

The number of suspects so far reaches six and:

1) The first arrest concerns the 24-year-old hacker and main suspect in the case.

2) The second concerns a 36-year-old man, who owns the vehicle the hacker was driving.

3) The third concerns a 50-year-old man and a 3-day detention order was issued against him.

4) The fourth concerns a 38-year-old man and an 8-day detention order was issued against him.

< p> 5) The fifth concerns a 71-year-old man, who is the hacker's uncle, and an 8-day detention order was issued against him.

6) The sixth concerns the hacker's 59-year-old mother and a 3-day detention order was issued against her.

The four suspects were brought before the District Court in the morning where the facts were read for the first time by the police investigator of the case. What was heard from the investigator shows that the tangle  begins to unravel and the authorities are one step ahead of solving the case.


"After searches of the hacker's home, two bats were found, while there is testimony that Perikleus threatened him with a pistol, while after searches of the hotel where the main suspect was staying, handcuffs were found".

The second in the series arrested, he named the 38-year-old as the intermediary who arranged for a vehicle to be given to the 24-year-old hacker and concerns the vehicle that was located in the area where the last signal of Perikleus' mobile was.

In the 38-year-old's house, a piece of evidence was found, while testimony emerged that he had confided in a person that they had bought bats so that they could kidnap together with the hacker, Perikleus.

Testimony also states that « 71-year-old uncle of the hacker, they had gone to the Paliometochos shooting range to burn the vehicle.

According to information, the 50-year-old suspect had information that the kidnapping of the missing person was being planned.

Before the investigators and a written testimony, according to which the main suspect on two different dates visited a department store in Limassol and bought adhesive tapes, shovels, gloves, bags and an axe.

Asked whether it is clear what what has happened and what is the fate of Perikleos, the Head of the TAE Limassol, did not rule out any possibility, even that of murder

"There is an indication, there are testimonies and for’ for this purpose these very serious offenses are being investigated, but significant investigative work remains and it is a very possible possibility. They are criminal offenses that have been committed, but as the days go by and there are no signs of Angelos Perikleos' life, this is a very serious possibility.

Finally, according to evidence and testimonies that the investigators of the case have before them, the relations that Angelos Perikleous maintained with the 24-year-old main suspect in the case were conflictual, while according to the police, direction in the investigations that may open and the way for new arrests are expected to give  and the results of the suspects' telecommunications data.

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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