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Donation of €400,000 from TechIsland to the “KtiZO” Project

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A Home Office project to rebuild buildings for displaced persons

Δωρεa €400,000 απo τον TechIsland στο Σχeδιο'' ΚτiΖΩ''

TechIsland, the largest business association for technology companies in Cyprus, announced a donation of €400,000 to the social support network of the “KtiZO” Plan, of Ministry of Interior. This initiative aims at the repair or reconstruction of Apartment Buildings in Governmental Displaced Housing Settlements.

During a press conference organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. Alexey Gubarev, member of the Board of Directors of TechIsland, spoke on behalf of the organization: ''As TechIsland we are proud to participate in this project, to build safe housing for those who have been displaced and to be able to continue their lives.''

As a Non-Profit Organization, TechIsland believes in supporting projects and initiatives for long-term positive impact on society. Since its inception in 2021, TechIsland has supported various causes aligned with its mission and shared belief that the essential role of technology is to provide solutions to problems and improve people's lives.

It is noted that the member companies that have contributed to the “KtiZO'' Project on behalf of TechIsland are Exness, My Games, Target Global, The Island School, IT Quarter and InDrive.

''As an organization , we are committed to promoting social change and are proud to contribute to shaping a better tomorrow for Cyprus,'' Mr. Gubarev added.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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