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Doom again in the occupied territories focusing on Ersin Tatar – He put it with a Turkish journalist because he did not like her question

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The information that the Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, came face to face with a Turkish journalist is broadcast by the Turkish news network “Halk Tv”, which is the organ of the Turkish official opposition.

The journalist of the network complains that she was confronted with the “fires” of Mr. Tatar and one of his associates, in the context of an interview that took place in the “presidential”. The news is also rebroadcast by the Turkish Press.

Turkish journalist Seyhan Avsar went to the occupied territories to interview his brother, the murdered Turkish businessman Khalil Faljali, and the Turkish leader. Ms. Awsar said in a statement that she had arranged a telephone interview with Tatar. “When my request for an appointment was accepted, I did not imagine that I would be expelled (from the presidency) because of a question I addressed to Tatar,” wrote Ms. Absar.

The episodic interview

Following the article, the Turkish journalist reports that in the “presidential”, before the start of the interview, he informed the spokesman of the Turkish leader, Aydin Akkurt, about the questions he wanted to ask Mr. Tatar. Ms. Avsar, among other things, wanted to be informed about the progress of the investigations into the murder of the Turkish Cypriot intellectual Koutlou Antali. “You can not ask that. I will not allow you. “People are burning, and you are interested in Koutlou Antali”, was the answer received by the Turkish journalist from his colleague Tatar, who then reduced the duration of the interview to five minutes.

Regarding the interview, stating that before it started, Mr. Tatar's associates removed her personal belongings, Ms. Awsar added: “I managed to stay in Tatar's room for 10 minutes. The question I asked Tatar about the assassination of Khalil Fallali initially angered Tatar President and his press adviser. “Tatar stood up and started shouting, while the spokesman shouted that I had no right to ask this question.”

Mr. Avsar also attributes negative characterizations to the President of the Republic of Cyprus to Mr. Tatar.

Tatar on energy and the Cyprus issue

In the context of the brief meeting with the Turkish leader, Ms. Awsar managed to “touch” on certain issues, such as e.g. new developments in the energy field of the Eastern Mediterranean under the shadow of the war in Ukraine. “There is natural gas in the Mediterranean countries. The transportation of this natural gas to Europe will be beneficial for the e/k side as well. Such a thing would also upgrade the position of Cyprus (on the international scene). Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov referred to Cyprus in a recent speech. He said tdbk was declared unilateral. This was an important statement “, said Mr. Tatar, answering a relevant question.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Mr. Tatar stated that” we are constantly talking. With the European Union and the e/k. Of course they are targeting a federal government. We will never accept that. “Accepting this request means that Turkey will leave here.” The ongoing financial crisis.

Ms. Absar's brief interview, according to what she says in her post, ended with the outburst of anger of the T/C leader regarding the Falgiali Case and a new verbal Attack by the spokesperson of the Turkish Cypriot leadership that “in fact he is not a journalist, but a person who carries out orders”.


Source: politis.com.cy

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