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Doom in the Occupied Territories over Protocol with Turkey – We do not know the final form either, Arikli said

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Doom in the Occupied Territories over Protocol with Turkey - We do not know the final form either, Arikli said

“We do not even know the final form of the protocol that was signed,” Deputy Prime Minister “and” Minister of Economy and Energy “Erhan Arikli told the” parliament “today, referring to the economic and fiscal” cooperation agreement “between Turkey and the pseudo-state, signed yesterday in Ankara by Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay and “Prime Minister” Ersan Saner.

RTK President Tufan Erhiurman demanded that the exact content of the agreement be made public, while People's Party President Kudret Ozersay said there were additional protocols to the agreement and no one knew what they contained.

The opposition rightly wants to know the content of the agreement, said Mr. Arikli, commenting on the request of Erhiurman, saying “neither we had the opportunity to talk about the details. We do not know the final form of the protocol either. “

Yeni Duzen on its front page today states that the “action plan” that is the annexes of the “agreement” was not announced.

According to the GTP, the newspaper reports that the agreement stipulates that the “government” has committed to:

  1. Implement the reform actions and objectives set out in the “Action Plan 2021” of the Annex to the Agreement at the time indicated.
  2. Prepare by the end of October 2021 at the latest its proposal for the financial program of 2022.

The Government of the Republic of Turkey has undertaken to:

  1. Donate funds in Turkish pounds (TL) up to 2,250,000,000 TL (255 million euros) For payments for infrastructure investments and real sector projects: 800 million TL (90.9 million euros) granted in 2021,16,425,722.61 TL (1.86 million euros) retroactive balance from 2020 aid.

Regarding the payments of activities, 150 million TL are given that were granted in 2021
For defense payments, it is reported that 750 million TL was granted in 2021.

2. To provide assistance in the form of a loan to TL against US dollars up to 1 billion TL.

800 million TL will go to the current budget deficit of the pseudo-state.

The Turkish government is also committed to providing technical assistance through public officials in areas the “government” will need.

The amount that the Turkish government grants or will lend to the pseudo-state is included in the budget of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of the Turkish Republic.

It is also reported that the Development and Economic Cooperation Office of the “Embassy” of the Turkish Republic in occupied Nicosia, in consultation with a delegation of the “Government” will prepare a monthly monitoring report of the “action plan” to assess progress in what it includes and will submitted to the Technical Representation of the Republic of Turkey on the first day of the month following the month in question.

This monthly report will be supervised by the Technical Delegation of the Republic of Turkey for the payments and the use of the loans that will be made for the infrastructure projects and the real sector. As a result of the evaluation carried out by the Technical Delegation of the Republic of Turkey, the specified donations and loans will be forwarded to the pseudo-state by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance, with the approval of the Turkish Vice President.

In June and September, meetings will be held to monitor the course of the pseudo-state economy and progress on the “action plan”. The control meetings will be chaired by the Coordinator of Cypriot Affairs of the Turkish Republic and the “permanent secretary” of the “prime minister”.


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