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Doratis proposal for a final solution to the problem with the EDEK register

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Doratis proposal for a final solution to the problem with the EDEK register

The use of technology to solve the problem that arose by challenging the register of party members that will be used at the October Electoral Conference, is proposed in a written statement today by the chairman of the Limassol District Committee of the KS. EDEK and member of the Politburo Lefkios Doratis.

“The use of technology”, he states, “can show whether or not there has been an illegal alteration in the Register of Party Members and the issue of challenging the Register by members and executives of the Movement will end definitively.”

Criticism of Sizopoulos

In fact, it sounds the alarm bell of questioning the register of members, which if it continues, as he says, will cause huge problems in the image of the Movement, since it “deepens the introversion and creates a war atmosphere with incalculable consequences”, he states characteristically.

Mr. Doratis indirectly but clearly criticizes the president of EDEK, Marino Sizopoulos, who, as he states, should be the first to want to end the dispute of the register. In fact, he expresses the view that the whole issue should have already been resolved.

Conflicts of members

The chairman of the Limassol District Committee warns that in case the Movement is led to “elections in this warlike climate of disputing the Registry, in addition to the inevitable conflicts between our members, the election result will be questioned and the introversion will continue after the Congress.” . “Whoever is elected will be ousted, both politically and morally.”

“Therefore,” he adds, “I suggest that the President, a representative of Presidential candidate George Barnabas, the Conference Credentials Committee and a forensic expert, scientifically process the hard drive on which the Register is located in the Office of the President and issue a formal report on whether a number of members of the Movement have been removed or added, when and who these members are “.

Mr. Doratis states that only in this way will the dispute be stopped, EDEK will be led to an undisputed Congress and the members and friends of the Movement will be reassured. “As EDEK”, he adds, “we must, by our example, show our commitment to democracy, transparency and purity”.

“Rejection of the proposal,” he concludes, “will upset us and the problems will swell. There is no other choice. “

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Source: politis.com.cy

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