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“Douris is still important – Omonia is a team now”

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Josef Kosley spoke about the Slovakian National Team, which will soon face the National Team of Cyprus, and his former team Omonia in his statements to SPORT FM.

For the Slovenian National Team: “It has been a month since they planned to come to Cyprus. The coach, the assistant and the team manager came. I spent three days with them. They went and saw the game with Hermes, but unfortunately I could not go because only two people could go. But, then they met with Douris and Hubochan and they had a good time, I think “, he said initially and continuing, adding:” Basically, they came for the game with the National Team of Cyprus that will take place on March 24. They came to see the stadiums. They went to GSP and Makareio, to see the facilities, because they will come three days before the game and will leave one day after “.

For Hubochan and the National: “It was a mistake that Hubochan left the National. It was not a mistake that he returned. The previous coach wanted to make a renewal, but he did not succeed. “Hubuchan, Skritsel and Nemets were big and they saw that the coach went more to the little ones and on their own they told them to leave.”

On the course of Omonia: “I am glad that Omonia is there, because it had a difficult time. Omonia is a team for the championship and it must be there. I think that in the end he can reach the conquest of the title “.

What stands out from Omonia: “Omonia is a team now. He has very good players, but I think he is a team. In the beginning, the coach made many changes, now he does not make many and he has come up with a trunk, something that helps the team “.

For Cepovic and Douris: “It is good for the team that found Cepovic and scores goals. Because, Douris did not help in this part. But, I believe that Douris will be there and will still be important for Omonia “.

On whether Omonia can manage to win the championship: “I am very optimistic that Omonia will be there and will manage to win the title in the end”.

For the derby with APOEL: “The derby is strange. We see now where APOEL and Omonia are. But it is a derby and the situation of the two teams does not matter. APOEL plays to enter the top six, Omonia for the championship. It's interesting, but unfortunately it will be crowded. That's very bad. “

If he plays a role they play together then for the cup: “I do not think it plays any role. In the following it can play a role. That's because it's the first one I don't think matters. It is the last game of the regular season and it is like a final for both teams “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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