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doValue: Utilization of digital tools to manage Non-Performing Loans

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doValue: ΑξιοποΙηση ψη φινεργελωαδιαελριη των ΕξυτομεΔανεων

With the aim of enhancing the efficiency of banking processes and improving the management of Non-Performing Loans, doValue Cyprus, as a member of the largest loan and property management Group in Southern Europe, enriches its digital tools, through the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in in the field of loan monitoring.

The doValue Group is developing a new tool with the contribution of Artificial Intelligence in the financial market, which works proactively, identifying in time, loan contracts that need immediate management, before they turn into Non-Performing Loans.

In this context, doValue Group and Cardo AI, a Fintech specializing in the development of financial technologies, have collaborated to develop this digital tool, which will enhance the effective monitoring and proactive management of loans that are already showing signs of delays.

The collaboration between the two companies focuses on specialized data monitoring, through the development of predictive models utilizing Artificial Intelligence algorithms, for risk prediction and management. Through this innovative approach, timely decision-making is allowed for the benefit of both banking organizations and households and businesses.

It is worth noting that the proactive management of loans that are in Stage 2, i.e. phase when the first delays are identified, brings significant benefits to the banking system, while at the same time preventing any negative consequences for the financial institution itself and the borrower.


doValue Cyprus is a member of the international doValue Group. The largest independent loan and property management Group in Southern Europe, based in Italy and with assets under management of approximately €120 billion. The Group holds a dominant position in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus. In Cyprus, it is the largest independent loan manager, while at the same time it maintains the largest real estate platform Altamira Real Estate, which manages the Group's real estate portfolios and has the largest sales network in island.

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