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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Dr. Anastasiadis: No cases of acute hepatitis in Cyprus so far

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The medical community of Cyprus is ready to deal with a possible case of acute hepatitis, the President of the Cyprus Pediatric Society, Dr. Michalis Anastasiadis, stated in KYPE, who clarifies that no case of hepatitis has been registered in Cyprus until while reassuring the public that many of these cases will be mild, ie subclinical, without causing any serious permanent liver damage.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, on the occasion of the intense concern prevailing in the medical community, after the manifestation of the increased cases of hepatitis, which were detected in infants and toddlers in several countries around the world, Dr. Anastasiadis states that the pandemic conditions the outbreak of many viral infections, since as he explains “the conditions of confinement and restriction, which prevented the transmission and appearance of many viral infections, resulted in the intervals and now that we are experiencing a complete relaxation of the measures, to manifest in endemic form, which no one would expect them at this time. “

Asked by the Cyprus News Agency if such incidents are expected to occur in Cyprus soon, he states that no one can know this, to note that he does not consider that he will take the form of the epidemic outbreak that we faced with the coronavirus, but many of these incidents will be mild.

This, he adds, “is something we experienced last summer and early autumn, with the outbreak of winter infections and the same is expected to happen with viruses, such as Adenovirus, which we know is very highly contagious, as well as very often it affects the gastrointestinal tract and especially the respiratory tract, causing frequent infections which of course have an excellent outcome in the vast majority of cases “.

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Anastasiadis did not ruled out the possibility that cases have occurred in Cyprus, which were not diagnosed, however, he notes that there are no reasons for concern, since certainly these incidents – if and when they were – were completely curable, leaving no residue. p>

According to Dr. Anastasiadis, 169 cases have been reported worldwide to date, of which 112 in the United Kingdom.

Investigation for possible mutation

Referring to the developments so far, the President of PEK said that what seems to be being investigated at the moment is whether there is a specific mutation of the specific Adenovirus strain.

< p class = "text-paragraph">Regarding this particular executive, he said that the scientific community “has not finally reached the final cause, which will characterize the situation we are facing”, assuring that the situation is under very close monitoring by both the World Health Organization and the the competent health authorities of Europe and beyond.

He expressed the assessment that a possible increase of the cases is expected, while at the same time he reassures, since from the recording of the incidents so far, there does not seem to be any reason for special concern.

“It was an unexpected occurrence of a condition from a virus, which we have not yet identified, although all the findings lead to the culprit of a specific virus, the Adenovirus, and in fact a specific Adenovirus strain, which until now had not shown us such behavior, that is, the ability to infect the liver at least in healthy children, “he said.

Referring further to the issue, he said that scientific research is underway, to note that what is being said at the moment is reserved.

He stressed that the medical community is waiting with great interest for the development of the phenomenon, adding that “because we do not have data that fully clarifies the picture, we must inform the parents, but without spreading any panic, as it does not seem to have reason to worry about such a massive outbreak of cases “.

According to Michalis Anastasiadis” the majority of cases will have an excellent outcome “, to note that” the fact of the most serious illness and the very serious complications that occurred in some children, is one of the characteristics of this phenomenon, that is why we discuss it and we are worried “.

In relation to the symptoms of these cases, Dr. Anastasiadis explained that what should alarm parents and lead them for medical evaluation is the characteristic of jaundice, ie the yellow color that can get on the skin and eyes of a person , which has liver damage.

No connection with the coronavirus vaccine

Besides, clarifies that the issue of vaccination against Covid 19 disease “has nothing to do with the whole phenomenon”, while explaining that the link with Covid 19 infection is one of the questions and one of the issues, which are at the heart of the scientific research, as some of these children had a history of coronavirus disease, or had a co-morbidity with Adenovirus.

“We are waiting and awake. We are watching and at any time we will be available to the public to inform it if something different happens “, said the President of PEK.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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