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Dr. Iraklis Pantelidakis: On June 10, the accused doctor is sentenced for the death of Stavros Giorgallis

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On June 10, the Larnaca District Court is expected to impose a sentence on Dr. Irakli Pantelidaki, who was found guilty of the death in May 2018, of the student Stavros Giorgallis, 10 years old from Klaudia, Larnaca province.

Today, Giannis Polychronis, the defendant's defense lawyer, spoke about mitigating his client's sentence and said, among other things, that the 41-year-old doctor disagrees with the Court's conviction, which he intends to challenge, noting, however, that “legally a “fully valid and enforceable judgment of the Court of First Instance”.

Mr. Polychronis referred to the personal circumstances of the accused, his studies, his marital status and the fact that in May 2018, he came to Cyprus with his wife and children and was employed at the Larnaca General Hospital, while just two months later, The unfortunate incident took place with “the little Cross who radically and dramatically changed his life”.

He added that “the accused went through very difficult times, unprecedented for him and is shocked by the loss of a small child, since little Stavros, lost in his arms and experienced the dramatic moments of his death.”

Mr. Polychronis also referred to the treatment of the accused by the media, society, with posts on social media, but also the problem that arose since after the tragic incident with little Stavros he could not work and support his family.

He also noted that after the condemnation of the doctor by the Court on May 20, he relives the traumatic experiences he had 4 years ago, while he is again accepted by the public.

In the speech Mr. Polychronis referred to the mitigating circumstances arising from the findings of the conviction but also from the testimonies of credible witnesses.

As mitigating factors, the defense attorney of the accused referred, among other things, to the time that has passed since the date of the crime until today, his personal situations and the shortcomings that existed and still exist in the General Health System.

< p class = "text-paragraph"> At the same time, he suggested the suspension of the possible imprisonment sentence that the Court will impose on the accused, citing, among other things, his white criminal record, his personal circumstances and the consequences of his immediate imprisonment sentence on his patients. .

He also stated that the medical world of Cyprus considers it completely unfair that the accused, who at the time of the dispute was a general practitioner at the Larnaca General Hospital, was judged to be the sole cause of the tragic event of the death of little Stavros.

The Court set June 10 as the date for sentencing the accused.

It is recalled that the 10-year-old was transferred to Larnaca General Hospital, when He was playing basketball during gymnastics at Alethriko Elementary School, where he was a student, when he fell to the ground and hit his head.

hours later, his mother transported the ten-year-old back to the hospital, after he had headaches.

The 10-year-old was then transported by ambulance to the Nicosia General Hospital where he died. ε στο χειρουργείο.


Source: politis.com.cy

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