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Dr. Kalakuta: People 65 and older are expected to be notified soon to receive a third dose of the vaccine

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Dr. Kalakouta: People 65 and older are expected to be notified soon to receive a third dose of the vaccine

As of Saturday, September 18, 2021, 2,921 people had been vaccinated with the third dose of vaccine, the Deputy Director of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Olga Kalakouta, told KYPE, noting that the vaccination program is progressing normally to all groups that need a third dose. vaccine. He said people over the age of 65 would soon be notified of the procedures to be followed for their vaccination.

According to Ms. Kalakouta, the vaccination program for the third installment continues in the nursing homes, where residents and staff are vaccinated.

He noted that today is the deadline for interested health officials to submit requests to the Ministry of Health regarding the third dose of vaccination.

People who belong to vulnerable groups, such as people with immunosuppression, immunodeficiency, he said, have started ten days ago with the vaccination of the third dose. These are people who have HIV infection, AIDS, immunodeficiency, a history of solid organ transplants or hematopoietic organs, and people who are receiving immunosuppressive therapy, specifically with biological agents.

We are also moving forward, he noted, with people who have hematologic or oncological malignancies and people who are taking cortisone.

As for the people who are over 65 years old, said Ms. Kalakouta, we are in our final plans regarding the way the vaccination will be done, taking into account the use of the software that we had done in the first and second phase of vaccinations. “An official announcement will be issued by the Ministry today or tomorrow,” he added.

Asked, she said that based on the data gathered up to Saturday, September 18, 2,921 people had been vaccinated with a third dose of the vaccine.

Answering another question, he said that the people who will receive the third dose of vaccine amount to around 8 thousand.
Regarding the other vaccinations with the first and second dose, Ms. Kalakouta stated that they are progressing steadily at all ages.

“The positive thing is that we have a comparatively greater interest in the younger ages from 12 to 18 years old. In order to be able to strengthen it, we are in contact with schools located in remote areas, providing facilities for vaccinations on the spot “, he noted.

It seems, he continued, that there is interest in the level of higher education, where mobile units go there to facilitate students in their vaccination.

Ms. Kalakouta finally mentioned that a campaign is underway to attract vaccination for younger ages. “We are trying to inform, to raise awareness in order to increase the interest for vaccination. “We want to protect pupils and students so that their school year goes smoothly,” he added.


From the beginning of October, the vaccination of the elderly for Influenza A.

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