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Dr. Karagiannis: In favor of performing PCR test on students who have not been vaccinated – Explains why they are sick and vaccinated

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Dr. Karagiannis: In favor of performing PCR test on students who have not been vaccinated - Explains why they are sick and vaccinated

The situation with the daily number of coronavirus cases is stabilizing, said to KYPE the member of the Advisory Scientific Committee, Professor of Microbiology / Molecular Virology of the Medical School of the University of Nicosia Dr. Petros Karagiannis, noting that we do not need further vaccinations for further vaccinations.

Dr. Karagiannis said that the situation is still stable with around 400 cases per day, expressing the hope that the numbers we had in the last two days are representative due to the fact that not enough tests were performed during the days of August 15th.

Asked to comment on whether it is representative of the situation, the picture we have said that “it is as real as it could be under the circumstances we are acting at the moment. We may lose a small number of cases but in any case it does not show from the falling hospitalizations. Of course, the serious hospitalizations are still at high levels and especially the intubation “.

September is difficult if there is no high vaccination coverage

Asked if September will be difficult, he noted that “this is what we have been saying for a long time. With this particular Delta strain due to its transmissibility, indoors it will create a huge problem if the unvaccinated are more than the vaccinated. Therefore, it will depend on the environment of a specific business, a student hall, a student amphitheater, etc. “

Asked if we would hit a thousand more cases in September, the Professor expressed the hope that this would not be possible due to the high vaccination coverage.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have reached 1,165 cases and we have managed, even with limited measures, such as safepass and with the attention of the people, to gradually reduce the number of cases in relation to the increasing vaccination coverage. “By then, we may reach 85% of vaccination coverage.”

Dr. Karagiannis stressed the need for all of us to realize that the only barrier to the virus is the high vaccination coverage.

“Our vaccination coverage is increasing day by day, we hope to stop the easy transmission of the virus. We see in some cases that they are also vaccinated. “Whether those who stick are those who do not make antibodies to vaccines or the levels of antibodies are low and do not fight off the virus, we do not know,” he added.

That is why we recommend, he continued, that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should continue to observe the self-protection measures and especially the mask because it is an additional barrier to the transmission of the virus.

Protocols in schools and universities are being consulted

Dr. Karagiannis said that what has been announced so far for measures in schools and universities for this year is in the right direction, noting that discussions and consultations are still taking place until something is crystallized that will be as effective as possible.

“Eventually, efforts are being made to make all these activities work properly, especially for schools, for obvious reasons, because there is no recommendation for children under the age of 12 to be vaccinated at the moment, so protocols must be put in place to ensure their safe operation.” “, write down.

Asked about performing PCR tests on unvaccinated students, the Professor said: “I think this is correct in the sense that rapid tests at least at the beginning of the infection can be negative while PCRs can be positive. “As a result, you can detect someone who is positive sooner as the virus in the pre-symptomatic period is contagious.”

The third dose of vaccine needed for the elderly and vulnerable groups

Dr. Karagiannis said that the third dose of vaccines will be necessary at least for the elderly who were vaccinated first and for the vulnerable groups and especially for those who for one reason or another are immunosuppressed.

To what extent, he noted, there will be a recommendation for wider use of a third dose from an age onwards, we will see what the various organizations will say.

“In other countries, such as Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States, the third tranche has been decided. “Israel has made more than one million third installments.”


Source: politis.com.cy

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