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Dr. Kostis [Covid19 ward manager Limassol General Hospital]: The situation is out of control – The beds are not infinite

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Dr. Kostis [Covid19 ward manager Limassol General Hospital]: The situation is out of control - The beds are not infinite

The situation is “out of control” with the numbers of patients in need of treatment at the General Hospital of Limassol, the head of the Covid-19 ward, Dr. Andreas Kostis, told KYPE, ringing the alarm bell once again.

On the occasion of last night's operation of a new ward for patients with coronavirus, in the public hospital of Limassol, Dr. Kosti said that this morning there were 82 patients, while the number of beds is 90, and there are people who are waiting at their home, until a place is found for admission.

“Unfortunately, the beds are not infinite, neither in the short hospital, nor in the hospital, so that everyone can be served at the same time, so there is a wait,” he said, adding that although many discharges are given daily and a new coronavirus ward opened last night. , “It is also almost full, because yesterday 30 imports were made”.

“The patients, he continued, are mainly people under the age of 50 – with the youngest being 22 years old – while 90% have not been vaccinated.” It's a lot of workload and many come slowly, in a serious condition, even at a young age “, he said and added that” they come with very high oxygen needs, while in the ICU we have 16 patients, with their number constantly increasing ».

According to Dr. Kostis, another patient was intubated last night and one this morning, while “we have other patients whose condition is unstable”.

“There is a plan to open beds in other cities, in Larnaca and Nicosia, in the first phase,” but as long as the daily incidents remain high, it means that we will have a further increase in hospitalizations, “he added.
Asked about this, he stated that the problem in Limassol was identified around the end of June, “where it started to seem that something was wrong and we had increased hospitalizations”.

At the same time, he stressed that measures should be taken to “endure until the largest percentage of the population is vaccinated.”

In particular, he added, “on the one hand, hospitals need to be strengthened, beds need to be opened so that people can be served in a timely manner, because the later they come, the worse, and on the other hand, a way must be found to stop the virus from spreading in the community.”

“Vaccination is necessary to be able to say that we are OK, but until then everyone should be careful and not behave as if nothing is happening,” said the head of the Covid-19 ward of the Limassol General Hospital, noting that “If there is no result then the State must take its measures.”


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Source: politis.com.cy

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