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Dr. Petrou: The coronavirus will not be overcome with colchicine

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Dr. Petrou: The coronavirus will not be overcome with colchicine

Colchicine is not the drug that will help us overcome COVID-19 disease, clarified in KYPE the Associate Professor in the Pharmacy Program of the University of Nicosia, Dr. Christos Petrou, who explained that if the official results of the study justify its use, it will certainly help to treat the inflammation, created by COVID 19, in people who are seriously ill and hospitalized.

According to Dr. Peter Colchicine is not an antiviral drug, but a drug that has anti-inflammatory action, which can treat multisystem inflammation, caused by COVID 19.

He said that people who are positive for the coronavirus and are over 60 years old or have a predisposition to develop inflammation, which may be fatal for their lives, are expected, according to the study, that colchicine will help.

Official publication of the results first and then a clinical decision

However, he noted that in order to justify the inclusion of this drug in the treatment protocol of Cyprus, the results of the study of the effect of colchicine in patients with COVID-19 must first be officially published.

“Apart from the press release, we have not seen any published data, which is scientifically validated and documented, with results that are statistically significant, in order to see if what the press release really describes exists,” said Dr. Petrou.

He stressed that no clinical decisions can be made on the basis of a press release, to add that they are waiting for the publication in the coming weeks.

“It is encouraging and there is hope, as colchicine is a drug that has a mechanism of action that can justify its action on the coronavirus,” he said, referring to the results that have come to light.

“If the results of the study justify its use,” he said, “it will certainly help treat the inflammation created by COVID 19 in people who are seriously ill and being treated.”

Answering a relevant question, he clarified that colchicine is not a drug that has the value of being administered prophylactically.

If it is included in the protocol under what conditions it will be granted

Dr. Petrou said that colchicine, according to the study, will be administered only when someone is ill and has a predisposition to develop a serious manifestation of the disease.

“The study states that it will be administered to patients over 60 years of age who test positive for coronavirus and to patients 18 to 60 years of age who are positive but have more than one risk factor and fever at the same time.”

As long as the virus is circulating and transmitted there will be mutations

Asked if he believed the mutations, which have been identified and are circulating, will re-impair the epidemiological picture, he said that “as long as the virus is circulating and transmitted, there will be mutations.”

“Some mutations may be insignificant, but some may be important. “The mutation circulating in the UK is increasing the contagion of the virus and it remains to be seen whether it increases the severity of the disease,” he said.

He added that “if we do not stop the transmission of the virus with drugs and non-pharmacological approaches, this thing will not stop.”

Nothing can be said with certainty about the evolution of vaccinations

Asked when he clarifies the landscape in Cyprus with vaccinations, Mr. Petrou said that everything depends on the vaccines we will have, to note that “if we do not have vaccines we can not say anything for sure.”

He also said that since Astra Zeneca has not given a clear timetable for when and how many vaccines it will give, no one can say for sure how the program will develop.

Source: KYPE

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