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Dr. Tsioutis: Unfortunately, the prevailing mentality is that the pandemic is coming to an end

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As long as there are relaxations, the transmissions will increase, said on Saturday to KYPE the Head of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Assistant Professor of Pathology at the European University and a Pathologist specializing in Infection Control, Dr. Konstantinos Tsioutis, who estimates that and other epidemiological indicators.

Invited by the Cyprus News Agency, to comment on the rise in the percentage of positivity, as well as the cases recorded in recent days and whether this translates into a new setback, Dr. Tsioutis explains that “what unfortunately prevailed as a concept and as a mentality, when the Omicron wave first appeared, and has now been overturned based on current data, was that the pandemic was coming to an end or that Omicron was causing a mild illness.” p>

However, he emphasizes that at the moment “all the prognostic models and several schools from the beginning of the year have been overturned”, noting that this is logical, “since we have a highly contagious strain and at the same time we are relaxing, while at the same time giving the impression “that we are finished and that there is no reason to implement measures.”

“It is expected to see the phenomena we see today,” said Dr. Tsioutis.

25% of the total deaths due to Covid -19 were recorded in 2022

According to Konstantinos Tsioutis, transmissions are currently recorded everywhere in the community, to note that “unfortunately we also see it reaching people who are more likely to end up in the hospital or die.”

It also states that although the death rate & # 8211; is low, however, a large number of deaths are recorded daily, while noting that 25% of total deaths due to Covid 19 were recorded in 2022.

Asked where the increase is due, he said that it is due to measures we know that when relax leads to increase and transmission.
“For months now we have been seeing a relaxed mentality of individual protection measures. And the impression has prevailed that they are no longer needed, while on the contrary, now they are needed more than ever “, he states.

” These are the most important principles that we must emphasize and remember. “

In addition, he notes that “what is happening at the moment is a careful unlocking of society, so that the situation does not become uncontrollable, but along with this unlocking we must not forget the basic self-protection measures, which we applied from the first day of the pandemic (distancing, masks, tests) “.

” Unfortunately or fortunately these are the most effective measures we have. We must learn to live with the virus. And what does that mean today? “I should not limit the country's economy and the social activity of individuals, but we must not forget these basic concepts and apply them,” he said.

Asked if the TEU is aware of the meeting of the National Vaccination Advisory Committee, which will take place on Monday, regarding the administration of the 4th dose of vaccine to immunocompromised, Mr. Tsioutis said that “it is a good time to discuss this issue. for very specific groups of the population “.

He noted that this issue is already being discussed internationally, while he added that” there is no scientific or epidemiological justification for giving the 4th dose to the general population, except in very specific groups of the population, such as those who are immunosuppressed and the elderly whose immune system does not respond well. “

Referring further to the issue of the 4th dose, Dr. Tsioutis says views should be based on data, adding that there is an institution that will decide.

decision, based on current data.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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