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E. coli bacterium may be responsible for the death of 2 children in France after eating frozen pizza

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The defendant is a subsidiary of Nestle – French prosecutors prosecuted the company following an investigation that began in May 2022

Nestle's French subsidiary has been charged in a case involving contaminated pizzas suspected to have led to the deaths of two children, the company announced today.

Against the unit, which runs the factory in northern France that made Buitoni's Fraîch’Up frozen pizzas as well as Nestle France was prosecuted this week, the company said in a statement without giving details.

French prosecutors opened an investigation in May 2022 into involuntary manslaughter and involuntary harm after several customers fell ill after eating batches of Buitoni Fraich’Up frozen pizza contaminated with the E.coli bacteria.

A company spokesman said today that prosecutors have filed charges against Nestle France and Societe des Produits Alimentaires de Caudry, the subsidiary that oversees the factory where the tainted pizzas were made. Nestle suspended production of the contaminated products in March 2022.

The indictment is preliminary, meaning an investigation is ongoing and no decision has been made.

“Nestle France intends to take full responsibility for the case. We hope these legal proceedings will help to fully clarify the circumstances of this dramatic event and provide some comfort to the victims and their families, the company said in a statement.

The scandal affected dozens of people in 2022. A year later, Nestle reached an agreement to compensate 63 victims and their families.

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