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E-commerce effort through Turkey, paid to the occupied territories

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    Ashikoglou stated that in 2019 a study was carried out on e-commerce and this topic was on the agenda during the meetings of the bilateral technical committee with Turkey

    The Turkish newspaper “Kipris” writes today that “the embargo can be overcome with e-commerce” and publishes statements in the newspaper of the “Minister of Public Works and Transport”, Erhan Arikli, the “Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy”, Siahap Asikoglu and the president of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce (KTTO ), Turgai Deniz.

    According to the GTP, the publication states that Mr. Asikoglou stated that a study on e-commerce was carried out in 2019 and this topic was on the agenda during the meetings of the bilateral technical committee with Turkey. He added that the preparation of conditions and infrastructure for e-commerce with Turkey has begun, but there is no legal framework for transport companies. He also mentioned that they are cooperating with Turkish Post Office (PTT) for e-commerce.

    Erhan Arikli argued that “we must give weight to this new economic sector and adjust our laws and regulations accordingly.” Pointing out the “legal loopholes” in e-commerce, he said studies had been done in the past on cargo “law”, but nothing concrete had been proposed. He said that the existing highway “law” and customs “law” were sufficient for e-commerce, and the “finance ministry” should prepare the necessary “legislation” for e-commerce taxation, taking into account the issue.

    Mr Arikli added that “orders, especially from China, were going to southern Cyprus as an address” and mentioned that they had a meeting with Turkey about this issue, which was finally resolved . “There was an opinion that we can bring this cargo, taking advantage of the military cargo to open a separate customs office in Mersina.” of the occupied by Turkey in e-commerce. “We have set up an online shop as a chamber, but there are problems due to legal loopholes.” He added that they also discussed e-commerce with businessmen from Turkey. “Those involved in e-commerce say that there is a demand for our products from Turkey.”

    As long as they produce competitive and quality products, the doors of the whole world are open, argued Mr Deniz.


    Source: cyprustimes.com

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