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EAC – A law proposal was passed for the rights of employees who are members of the DSMC

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Aim of the proposal to continue with the same rights and obligations of the Medical Care Fund

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The position of the rapporteur and DISY Member of Parliament Kyriakos Hatzigiannis.

The Plenary of the Parliament voted in favor of a law proposal by DISY Member of Parliament Kyriakos Hatzigiannis for the rights of EAC employees who choose to join the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO).

The purpose of the proposed law is to amend the Law on the Regulation of the Electricity Market, so that the EAC staff members who choose to continue their service at DSMK, as members of its staff, and who, on the effective date of the proposed by law are members of the EAC Medical Care Fund, the EAC Employees Welfare Fund, the EAC Scientific Staff Welfare Fund, the EAC Staff Relief Fund and the EAC Scientific Staff Relief Fund, to remain and continue with the same rights and obligations as members of the funds.

In addition, the proposed law aims to amend the law so that the granting of special incentives to employees of the EAC will be examined and decided by the Special Committee of the DSMC, before the employees in question are asked to choose whether they wish to become members of the staff of the DSMC , in order that these incentives may induce them to continue their service to the Administrator.

The proposal provides for the staffing of the DSMK, based on its organizational structure, to be completed within six months from the date of entry into force of the regulations concerning the service plans of the positions included in said organizational structure and the procedure for the transfer of benefits and /or rights of said employees and the safeguarding and vesting of their acquired rights on the date of their transfer to the DSMC to be determined in a decree of the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry instead of regulations, as provided for in the law under amendment.

< p class="text-paragraph">A provision was also added to provide that from the effective date of the transfer of the EAC staff to the DSMC, the required employer contributions to the specific funds will be paid by the DSMC, as a co-financing company.

A provision was also added to provide that the current operating rules of the funds will be appropriately modified by the EAC in collaboration with the DSMC.

Placement of rapporteur

Mr. Hatzigiannis, the proposer of the proposal, said that there must be an assurance that we will have continuity in the new regime so that we can build credibility and there will be no doubt.

He mentioned that we need staff who are specialized and have acquired know-how and solutions were sought to convince this staff with a change, to keep them.

At the same time he mentioned that the credibility of the DSMC must be fully ensured and that there should be no connection with EAC as one of the main contributors and producers in the energy market.

This independence, he noted, must built in such a way that the Operator is not legally challenged in the purchase and sale of electricity.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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