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“EAC is not responsible for the fire in Farmakas”. Where does Papadopoulou support her position?

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    The cause of the fire will also be investigated by the EAC to establish what exactly happened

    The network is not responsible of EACabout the fire that broke out on Saturday in Farmakas, the press representative of the EAC, Christina Papadopoulou, told KYPE, adding that the EAC will investigate the cause of the fire.

    “The position of the EAC is that its network is not responsible, because the fire occurred at 16:00 and everyone (S.S. the residents of the area) had electricity. Logically, if a fuse had blown in an EAC transformer, the power supply would also have been interrupted”, said Mrs. Papadopoulou initially.

    • A short circuit leaves behind ashes – This is the cause of the big fire in Farmakas

    “On the contrary, the power supply was interrupted at 18:40, so there was power at the time of the fire “, he pointed out, when asked to comment on the announcement by the Fire Service that as part of the investigation into the causes of the fire, they concluded that the fire was caused by a short circuit in the fuse box of the EAC transformer.

    Subsequently, the press representative of EAC clarified, in her statement to KYPE, that the cause of the fire will also be investigated by EAC to establish what exactly happened. Referring to EAC's actions so far, he said that the Authority made sure to transport generators from the other cities to electrify Farmaka and Kabi communities, adding that 90% of both communities have been electrified.

    To the present, continued Christina Papadopoulou, priorityis to repair the damage and restore electricity to the remaining 10% of the two communities. As she said, 5 medium voltage poles and 2 transformers were burned, while the low voltage network was also damaged.

    In addition, Mrs. Papadopoulou pointed out that the pole, to which the transformer was attached, was burned, expressing the belief that the power outage was caused by the fire and adding that an investigation will be carried out by experts.

    The press representative of the EAC emphasized that several crews of the Authority are on site, as well as managers, who coordinate the Center which has been set up to carry out the work as quickly as possible.

    He also noted that an EAC crew was on site from 18:40 on Saturday, after the power cut, and was on hand until get the green light from the Fire Service, the Cyprus Police and the Forestry Department to approach the area and be able to assess the damage.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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