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EAC is stealing from us – 11 cents in Greece 30 cents in Cyprus

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Μας κλεβει η Α&Eta ;Κ – 11 σεντς στην Ελλδα 30 σεντς στ&eta ;ν Κyπρο

By Alexia Kafetzis

For years and years competent actors, institutions and Governments have been promising us cheap electricity that will come in some unspecified future. Milestones and promises are slipping away and instead of having cheap energy, the consumer sees EAC bills rising and becoming an unsustainable burden for households and businesses, degrading the world's standard of living.

Seeing what is happening around us in the matter of electricity makes you despair. Even Greece, which we once thought had expensive energy, has far surpassed us. In fact, the competition that exists in the field of green energy, brings down the electricity prices. Prices that will drop even more in February. Reports say the price will drop below 11 cents. In order for the reader to get a comparative picture, we only mention that in Cyprus the price of electricity is 30 cents, that is, three times more than in Greece.

It is here that one wonders, how and why. But it could not be otherwise in our wretched place where we are the captives of some favored classes of workers. We have expensive electricity because how else will we sustain the numerous and highly paid employees of the EAC, with low productivity, who live in the ultra-luxurious offices and at the same time trouble the world when it needs them?

Those privileged employees who can't get enough of whatever is offered to them. Who while they have an average annual salary of 60,000 are constantly asking for raises, promotions, new senior management positions, new jobs and perks, perks and perks again.

It is these same employees fighting each other over who will have the most luxurious office and the most expensive armchair to spend as comfortably as possible, their limited hours, his butt.

They are the same employees who even in this period are threatening measures with various pretexts threatening to leave the world and the economy without electricity.

Is it an exaggeration to talk about consumer theft?

Let us repeat that in Greece electricity is available at cheaper prices than before the energy crisis. Maybe that wakes some people up. To take measures so as to sensitize the super-privileged employees and guilds of the EAC. Someone should take their responsibilities and take measures so that the consumer and businesses can enjoy cheap electricity.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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