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EAC President: There are no plans to close Dekelia station

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By the summer of 2025, two new generators will be installed at this station

Προεδρος ΑΗΚ: Δεν υπαρχου&nu ; σχΕδια για κλεΙσιμο σταθμοy Δεκ ελειας

There are no plans to close the Dekelia power plant, said today the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EAC Giorgos Petrou, adding that by the summer of 2025, two new generators will be installed at this plant.

In statements during during his visit to the power station and answering a related question, Mr. Petrou said that “we finally managed to avoid any interruptions and I am happy to report that the repair of the generator has been completed and it will be operational from today”.

“The problem was sudden, the machines are very old, there was a technical problem that had to change something,” he added.

Fortunately, he continued, “the staff worked around the clock and we had asked people, where possible, to make certain savings”. “So with the cooperation of the people and with the help of colleagues, we managed to start the generator today, but the week passed without having a holiday,” he said.

When asked whether there is a plan to upgrade the specific station, Mr. Petrou replied that this was “one of the first issues that the new Board of Directors has dealt with and tomorrow we will have a presentation, in order to make decisions on upgrading the Station” .

“We expect to move forward with the installation of two new units and hope to have them ready by next summer, 2025,” he noted.

Asked to state whether the units will arrive by next summer or whether they will be put into operation, he noted that “our wish is that they will be put into operation by the summer, however it is not that easy because these are quite large investments. We will try and despite the fact that we have been in charge for a week (as a new Board of Directors), tomorrow we will make a decision, which I think will be very serious for the Electricity Authority”.

Regarding the provinces served by the Dekelia station, Mr. Petrou said that “as the most experts have mentioned, this particular station needs a balancing act between the Vassilikos station and this station. The Dekelia station serves the province of Famagusta, Larnaca and a bit Nicosia and we want it to remain that way,” he said and noted that “there are no plans at all to abandon this station”.

Answering a question about the priorities of the new EAC Board of Directors, the President replied that “Dekelia station was a priority. We have dealt this week with the increases that have been announced, tomorrow we will be fully informed, so we will make our second decision” he said and explained that “we had made the first decision on the appeal and tomorrow, with the help of the partners, we will make and the second decision, so that we can reassure the people”.

When asked to state whether or not the people will eventually see increases in their electricity bills, Georgios Petrou replied that “we will be able to we report it tomorrow after the meeting. I hope not, but we will see it tomorrow after we will also be presented with Electriki's plans for the future, so we will responsibly make a decision which I hope will be what we all want”.

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