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Easy… only in defense

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Easy… only in defense

Yesterday we presented the roster of Anorthosis as it has been formed and the options that Timur Ketspaya has for each position. Today, we will deal more with the… conclusion that emerges, which is none other than the fact that the team of Famagusta lags behind in quality only in its defensive line.

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Quantitatively, there are options to cover possible absences of the “Lady” 's main defenders. However, although the alternatives are quality players, this is not the case for other line players. To put it another way, in the center and attacking trio the competition will be very tough and there will be first-class executives who will be left out of the starting line-up, while in terms of the defensive quartet, it is much easier to predict the players who will are the key.

The most “naked” position is the right end of the defense. This is because behind Abartzumian there is only 18-year-old Nikolas Hatzimitsis as a “pure-blooded” right back. That is why Timur Ketspaya… was looking for a transfer to that position, but in the end he did not move forward, as on the one hand he did not find a remarkable player for List B and on the other hand he did not want to remove another player from his roster, except of Eloundos. Most likely, in the absence of the Armenian, he will be replaced by Kaltsas (who last year played a lot as a right-back), even in the form of a four in defense (he previously played as a right back in some games).

The alternatives after Arayuri and Risvani in the center of the defense (where the ομάδες championship teams “must” have at least three first-class options) are Antoniadis and Korea. The former has experience from the championship and Europe that can help, the latter did well last year when he was called up to play (and became a key player when Ketspaia “turned it” into a trio in defense), but none of them can be considered a first player that is, that can, that is, to “stand” as eleven in a team claiming the championship (Korea has the background to develop into such, but at present it is not).

Finally, at the left end of the defense, there are two players who can cover a possible absence of Korea, Abraham and Antoniadis. No one is at the level of the Brazilian back, but they are players who can offer, albeit with quite different characteristics. The first is considered more ideal in a match where Ketspaia will want the left back to go up and the second when the Georgian will prefer a more defensive approach.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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