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EBE optimism for the completion of the airport – Paphos road

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EBE optimism for the completion of the airport - Paphos road

EBE expresses optimism for the completion of the Paphos – Airport road. According to the Director of Paphos EBE Marinos Stylianou, the new study, in combination with the change of route of the Paphos – Airport road, will finally allow the completion of the project.

In a statement issued by the Director of Paphos EBE, he states that the Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a key role in the development of this project, since with his own initiatives and actions he requested extensive meetings with the competent Minister and the Directors of his Ministry. He added that meetings were held with the Directors of the Game & Fauna Service and the Department of Environment so that through a fruitful dialogue and exchange of views, as he said, to overcome the problems that for decades short-circuited the project.

The proposed change of direction part of the road by the Chamber, somehow solved the impasse, notes Mr. Stylianou, while the study he undertook to complete with the terms and guidelines of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and the Department of Environment has completed and a meeting is expected soon to present the findings to the relevant Departments. We are optimistic, he emphasizes, “that the new study in combination with the change of direction will finally allow the completion of the project”.

Paphos P. Chrysochous Street

Besides, as Mr. Stylianou states, in the first quarter of 2022 the works of the A Phase of the road Paphos – Polis Chrysochous begin.

As the contract for the road Paphos – Poleos Chrysochous A 'Phase up to Stroumbi notes, it was signed in May 2021, after long procedures and appeals to the Tender Review Authority. The project has a budget of 87 million Euros, including VAT, and certainly, he estimates, will have multiple benefits, especially for the province of Paphos and the area of Polis Chrysochous, an area facing problems of peace, development and infrastructure.
However, he admits that there is a delay in starting work and they were informed that this is due to geological surveys carried out at various points to determine the geomorphology of the soil and to avoid problems during the construction of the project.

This, he points out, “is expected to start in the first quarter of 2022”.
He adds that EBE Paphos will monitor the works and schedules and will intervene constructively where needed, at the same time continuing its efforts for maturation of the 2nd Phase of the project, since the non-completion of the road network to Poli Chrysochous , will not bring the expected benefits and will be a free gift for the residents of the Province, the Communities and the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous.

The project, noted the Minister of Transport, says Mr. Stylianou, “will improve road safety and bring development and prosperity in the province of Paphos, especially in these isolated areas of Polis Chrysochous, which in combination with programs of other Ministries, such as the mortgages of the Ministry of Interior, will contribute the most to the development of this area “.

Interest of giant companies from China, India

Regarding the interest of giant companies from China, India and elsewhere in the construction of technology parks and other investments in Paphos, Mr. Stylianou said that Paphos was at times a reference point for the creation of technology parks and other related investments, however, he expressed the view. that the small size of the city, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and other variable factors have affected and at present the interest has waned.


Source: politis.com.cy

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